15 Things To Do On Bad Days

We all can have some bad days! I had a lot of bad days these last weeks. These last months, I developed for myself a list of things to do on bad days. I’m sharing 15 of my favorite things to do on bad days here.

Wrapping in cozy blankets.

Take a nap.

To do a puzzle.

Watching bloopers of your favorite tv shows.

Reading positive and motivational quotes.

Go on a walk.

Starting to plan the next trips.

Look at photos of good memories.

Declutter and cleaning the house.

Develop creativity.

To do a grateful list.

Find a new skill to learn.


To do a favorite activity.



What is your favorite thing to do on bad days? Let me ideas in comments! Thanks for reading!




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  1. Walking is my definite main one, but today and for most of the week, I may become a bit of a hermit, as I take respite, so it will be watching DVD’s, some colouring and allowing myself to just rest and sleep.

    Today, I made a dairy-free quiche and with the leftover shortcrust pastry, I made some jam tarts, using chia jam. So all homemade stuff today.

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