10 Ways To Create Disneyland Magic At Home

In this current crisis, all Disney parks are closed. This is a first in the history! The parks are closed but the magic doesn’t have disappeared! A lot of annual passes who live next one Disney park and go every week in the park are in a new challenge. Right! For me, even if I have managed to move early my trip to Disneyland Paris in March (and I’m so grateful for this), it’s HEARTBREAKING to see all these Disney parks closed. My happy place is closed! It’s hard, I’m sad! Probably, the hardest thing in this situation is that we don’t know when they could re-open the parks. They closed until the end of March BUT with the bad situation on the Coronavirus in France, they could probably extend the closing time.

A few months back ago, between each of my trip I started to include Disneyland magic in every day life to wait until my next trip. Add Disneyland magic it helps me to feel better in my heavy daily life with mental health!

We are facing these parks closer! Or you can go often even when the parks are opens and you want to add again Disneyland touch at home. I’m sharing my ten favorite ways to create Disneyland magic touch at home!

BAKE MICKEY SHAPED FOOD. It’s probably the more creative and fun way to add Disneyland magic at home. I work with this every day and adding Mickey in food can a bit improves my food relation. It’s not so complicated to make Mickey Shaped Food, you don’t need a 70$ Mickey Waffler for this. A Mickey Shaped cookies cutter or a Mickey Coffee Stencil. On Pinterest, you can have a lot of ideas and at you to be creative and invent new simple Mickey Shaped Food. From Mickey brownie, sandwiches, to draw a Mickey with a cream in the soup. Let’s get creative with your favorites food!

LISTENING DISNEYLAND PARK LOOPS. It’s an of my favorite thing to do at home. It’s relaxing, help to concentrate me and literally took me back on Main Street USA. You can easily find your favorite loops from your favorite land on Youtube.

WATCHING FAVORITE SHOWS VIDEOS. Watching the videos that you have filmed during your last trip, or if you’re not a video taker, go on Youtube where you could probably watching full videos of your favorite shows & parades.

DISNEY MOVIES. American here, you’re lucky beggard to have Disney Plus available since November 2019. Disney Plus was supposed come out in France tomorrow BUT by decision of the French government because of bandwidth concerns in the current situation it’s has been delayed to April 7th (I’m mad here). But! Watch your favorite Disney movies, the movies of your favorite attractions. If you love watching movies, make a Disney movie Challenge like me.

WEAR MICKEY THEMED. A minimalism tee, some socks, a bracelet! It’s do not have to be big and flashy because like an adult it’s can be hard to wear flashy Mickey tees but a minimalism touch who add you a magical touch in daily life.

DISNEYLAND HOME DECOR THEMED. Add your favorite photos in a frame, add a minimalism cushion or a magical wood board, or Mickey mugs on the shelf. They are a few simple options to add minimalism Disneyland touch in your home decor.

MAKING PHOTO BOOK OF YOUR LAST TRIP. You do not have again printed the photos of your last trip to a Disney park. It’s time to make it! If you follow me since a while here, you know that I love print photos in photo books, I again shared the photo book of my ski trip last week. You can look on the photo book of my Disneyland Paris trips in 2019 here.

DRAWING DISNEYLAND THEMED. You love art, drawing, coloring. If you’re an art master, have fun to draw all the Disneyland park, if it’s too big for you, draw your favorite memories in the parks. You if you like more coloring than drawing there is some Disney coloring books on Amazon, me I particularly love my giant coloring poster from Disneyland Paris that I took back from my February’s trip.

PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRIP. If you know that you want to go back in a Disney parks soon. Start planning your next trip! Currently, in this crisis situation where all parks are closed and we currently do not know when they could re-open, it’s can be hard! But! You can always to start to plan what attractions, shows or in what restaurants you could love to do and eat during your next trip. IT’S HELP TO KEEPING HOPE!

FOLLOW DISNEY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS. The BEST way when you can’t go every week and you love photos, it’s follow peoples who go every week in the parks on Instagram. I love that! Ok! Last week, I have done a big Instagram break that I extended again for another week. I could talk about soon! You can look at photos daily in the parks! Right! Not in this time! But no matters these Instagram accounts try always to share daily magic in the parks closure situation. Right! This solution can be some days depressing because you’re not you in the park. But it’s adding magic like even at your daily life.

My favorite Instagram accounts who go often in the parks are @memoriesatdisney, @thehappiestphotography, @magically, @morningswithmickey and on Disneyland Paris specially it’s @ed92magic and of course @disneylandparis official account or @disneyparksblog.


That’s my ten favorite ways to create Disneyland magic at home! What do you in your daily life who add a magic touch? Thanks for reading!




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