10 Things To Try In 2021

The other day I was reflecting on some things that I love as Disneyland Paris and the ski. I was reflecting on how I fell in love with these two particular things!

It’s not since a long time that I love these things, because the ski I started in 2018 for the first time of my life and Disneyland Paris, I started to go regularly in September 2019. During these moments of reflecting, I finally remember how I have done to love these two things. Right! The fact is not how I have done to love these things. But more particularly how I have done to go towards these things.

Around two years ago, I was really motivate to try new things in my life. Before, because of my depression or social anxiety, I spent all my time at home, doing any activities or outdoor things. And around two years ago, I launched all by myself to try new things. The ski and travel in solo were the first ones on my list! Later, comes Disneyland Paris, and others little things that I tried but that I haven’t loved. I remember now, the begins point of going at Disneyland Paris or skiing was not going back regularly. The first time ever that I have skied or that I went at Disneyland Paris in solo. My mind was just trying to do these new things. To trying and explore new things. At any moment in the beginning, I had in mind that I could be back on the slopes or many times in solo at Disneyland Paris. It was just some new things that I wanted to try and explore. The good thing is that I found love in these things. But never in the beginning, I knew if I could love or not when I started! Right! Remember this, makes me re-think to the mind that I got to try new things when I started these two things.

Honestly, once that I found these two things, I was happy that for the first time ever I found some things like that that I love in my life. I invested myself in these things and I haven’t the idea to continue exploring other things. Because to learn skiing and travel monthly at Disneyland Paris were some things who makes already exploring new things each time that I was with them. And I felt happy! I stayed on them and I haven’t searched far away. Last week, I shared that I’m feel not able currently to love these things in the right way because I’m in a mental breakdown and depression because of my Complex PTSD, but I always love these things.

But when I remembered the mind that I got when I first tried the ski or when I went the first time in solo at Disneyland Paris. I told me that it was maybe important that I try again other new things to explore what I love because I have never been able to exploring what I love when I was a child. Right! These past months between Covid restrictions who makes the things harder, my mental breakdown and the fact that I haven’t been able to have access correctly to the only two things that I love and who help me, with Disneyland Paris closed nine months on the past twelve months and the ski lifts who stays closed this season. I was not in mood to try new things, all I wanted was the things that I loved!

But lately, I understand a lot of things about my past and Complex PTSD, I could maybe talk soon over here on the blog, and I told me that maybe it was the time to going back explore some things. Whatever if in the final I loved or not but just trying to explore about what I maybe love. In the same mind that when I started for the first time skiing or that I was the first time in solo at Disneyland Paris. Trying new things! After, I could maybe love them, maybe not! It’s doesn’t matter!

The idea is not to place Disneyland Paris or the ski aside. It’s not because I haven’t access to them because of Covid restrictions that I love them less, in the contrary, I love them more than ever. But! The idea is more to go to explore myself, I can tell that it’s a part of my new self-love journey that I started. And! Right! Maybe discover new things that I love secretly! And maybe add more things on the list of things that I love, in more of Disneyland Paris and the ski. Ok! I took a reflection of a few things that I wanted to try since a long time, sometimes since my childhood. I written ten things! All these ten things are some things that I have never done in my life! Even not once! But they have an attention particularly in my mind, I don’t why, but I want trying these things.

Right! In the current Covid circumstances and restrictions and like it’s some things to try this year but like more than the half of the year could be spend again with some Covid restrictions. I tried to pick up on my list some things that I could eventually done with the current or when some restrictions could be slowly lifts up. I couldn’t have placed on my list, going in solo to London because it’s could be clearly not doable for this year. Right! Ok! Like this activity to chosen these new things to try is a part of my self-love journey, I took some hearts and written one thing by heart. Let’s a look!

HOT-AIR BALLOON. I want to going in hot-air balloon since that I saw them in the sky when I was a kid. Many times, I tried to go inside the Hot-Air Balloon in Disney Village at Disneyland Paris between September 2019 and March 2020 and it was always down because of the weather. And at the reopening between July 2020 and October 2020, the weather was good but with the first closure I considered to spend the more of my time on my trips in the parks and not in Disney Village, finally, I don’t have done it. Right! After, it’s could be in the hot-air balloon at Disneyland Paris where anything else I’m interested about it.

TENNIS. Right! I try to find a sport for the season outside ski. Because whatever Covid restrictions or not, the ski it’s only in Winter. And it’s the only sport that I’m doing! I want to try finding a sport that I love to practice outside the ski season also. I’m feel pretty interest by trying the tennis. I don’t know! Let’s try!

PIANO. I’m really interest by trying to learn a music instrument. In the past, I have never played music instruments, except briefly violin. Music was not a thing that I loved before going at Disneyland Paris. Right! I noticed that I often loved the parts where performers, musicians in shows played piano. Right! I also saw that playing a music instruments make work better the memory. Maybe it’s could helps me with my memory troubles. Just let’s trying!

TREES CLIMBING ADVENTURES. Since that I’m a child, I want to climb in a trees adventures parcours. I have never done! Well! Maybe let’s trying!

BIKE PARK IN MOUNTAINS. Mountains in Winter is my favorite, sure! But, I want to going more and explore more the mountains off ski season. Because mountains have something of special. I just saw that in Summer, the ski slopes are transformed in bike park. I’m pretty interest to try this!

DISNEY HOTELS IN SOLO. I have done only one time a Disney hotel at Disneyland Paris and it was in family. Since that I’m going in solo, I’m always going in the Hotels partners to Disneyland Paris. All simply because it’s less expensive, and in sight that I spend all my time from morning to nights in the parks during my trips there, I don’t wanted to spend more money in hotels. Ok! When Disneyland Paris could reopens because of the Covid circumstances, all Disney hotels couldn’t be opens. But only two, and the fact it’s that the two open are the first ones that I want to try. Right! Maybe it’s the time to try the hotels during that there is less of things in the parks because of Covid safety measures. Well!

YOGA. I practice meditation and often when I read some things about on Internet, I see often that Yoga is considered as a mindfulness tool. Right! I have in mind to try it also, to see if it’s can helps me.

WATCH A NEW SHOW IN THEATER. Alright! Covid measures don’t permits that right now but hoping that by Christmas it’s could be possible. But at Disneyland Paris watching shows are my favorite things to do in the park. Before at Disneyland Paris, I have never been see a show in a theater of my life. It’s my favorite thing to do at Disneyland Paris but it’s also there where I watched my first real show as The Lion King and Rhythms Of The Pride Lands during The Lion King season in Summer 2019 or Mickey and the Magician that I was able to see once again in March 2020 before the first parks closure. The idea is maybe to try watching a new show in a theater outside of Disneyland Paris or in case if the Covid measures permits it, in 2021 there is a brand new show in a brand new theater in Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris and I’m so excited. Right! Let’s see!

CHERRY BLOSSOMS PHOTOGRAPHY ADVENTURES. I don’t love spring season but I discovered that I love watching Cherry Blossoms who happens during spring season. I want to try to go at the adventure to photograph them. I never intensionally done that!

SURF. Right! I planned to try the surf during my vacation last summer but the vacation got canceled because of Covid. We replanned it for later. Let’s seeing! But I’m pretty interest by the surf. It’s in the way again to find a sport outdoor of the ski season.

Right! I don’t want to make pressure to try all these things before the end of the year. It’s on this way that I written only ten things, I preferred write less but trying them really rather that doing an extended list that I could feel overwhelmed when I look on it. I written ten things who in these times have an importance often mentally for me, I described why. Now also, I don’t want to put the pressure to love them if I don’t. It’s really in a way to try new things and explore new things. Like it was in my mind when I first tried the ski or going in solo at Disneyland Paris. After, if I love some things, maybe I could make them a place aside of the ski and Disneyland Paris.

Right! That wraps this post! This year, have you one thing of new that you want to try? Thanks for stopping by!



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