10 Things I’m Grateful Right Now

Well! It was not the kind of post I planned for today. Last night, I got tired to have again sleeping troubles since a few days because after one month to have been in real sleeping troubles, last week I have finally found a night routine to calm my sleeping troubles. But since a few days, it’s back! I was angry and depressed last night to not easily fall asleep because I know that I need absolutely 08h of sleep so I couldn’t be wake up before 10h00am and it gets me angry because I don’ like wake up me so late. I tried to start to calm me and to stay positive. In this way and because the last time that I did a post about what things I’m grateful it was last November, a little time so I could to choose 10 things I’m grateful right now and share it in a post on my blog today. It’s like that this post is born. I try always to think for what I’m grateful when I try to stay positive in daily life but I do not share a lot here because it’s more or less the same things.

Snuggles with my cozy blankets.

The happiness that Disneyland gives me.

To do parallel turns and progress during this ski season.

To have been good on my solo trip in Paris.

Modern Family is renewed for a season 11, Law and Order: SVU is renewed for a season 21.

To feel me rather good in the new house.

To understand a few things since that I’m diagnosed with C-PTSD.

To take photos.

Motivational quotes exist.

To have a minimalist spirit.


These are ten things I’m grateful right now! What are your grateful things right now? I would love to hear your positive vibes!




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