10 Things I’m Grateful Right Now

Lockdown number 2, Day 1. With the current right now situation between the second lockdown in France and Disneyland Paris closed until February 12, 2021. Maybe an opening window during Christmas holiday in France between December 19 and January 3 but it’s depending of the situation about the Coronavirus and governmental decisions. I have two trips who got canceled while I needed them for my depression and I don’t know if I could go back this year again at the park. If Disneyland Paris can opens during the window of the Christmas holiday, I will trying to go but I don’t know and have any ideas at this moment. In reality why Disneyland Paris has chosen the date of February 12, 2021 while that the lockdown is until December 1 at this moment (but can be extended) to re-opening (outside of the Christmas holiday window if the situation permits it), it’s because, January is the usually a very low attendance month in normal time and on February 13, 2021 some winter school holidays could start for two weeks. I think in this way they just decided to re-opening at some school holidays in France for the attendance. The attendance was pretty hard since the re-opening without strangers, except for the two last weeks where there had two weeks of school holiday in France. I admit that this is the reason of their choice of this date out of the fact of the lockdown. And if it’s better financially in this crisis for them, I’m feel ok with this!

Disneyland Paris has first closed on March 16, 2020 and have finally re-opened on July 15, 2020 to finally closing again on October 29, 2020. Since the re-opening I have been able to go a few times and in total 15 days. That’s crazy like even! And it’s a bit crazy to have been during this pandemic, it’s crazy and sad to see the difference between before the first closure and after July. And it’s heartbreaking to see the park closing again! No other word that heartbreaking! I follow from before the Coronavirus, passing by the first closure to living the first re-opening in some particularly safety measures and now the re-closing. And if I’m surviving mentally, I hope follow Disneyland Paris in this new hard stage. Disneyland Paris brings me so much good on my mental health over the last year and for this reason I want to keep support them in a situation who is not caused by them. I know that a lot of Disneyland Paris annual pass holders do not want to renew their annual pass because before this re-closing, Disneyland Paris has deleted a lot of advantages including in them because of financial issues and safety measures. But I don’t want to do that! Disneyland Paris is blocked because of the French government and it’s heartbreaking to see it closing again and see my trips canceled but I feel totally heartbreaking for the direction of Disneyland Paris to have to close again. It’s sad and heartbreaking!

Disneyland Paris has done amazingly a first re-opening on July 15, despite the safety measures, and all along and since this day they have adapted their operations depending of the French government (who these last weeks started to place more and more restrictions of the fact that this second wave increased daily), in the same time that trying to keep this magical Disney parks experience and let real it’s not easy with the safety measures. They have worked so good! For me, the park without parades and shows was really hard but that’s not their fault, it’s currently totally impossible to make a parade with social distance and the virus circulation. But they have adapted some mini-parades. And the Halloween Festival adapted was amazing. They have even took outside some floats for the first time since March.

I don’t even talk about the safety measures, from mask all the time, hand sanitizers, social distance stickers and plexiglass. Disneyland Paris has been the place where I felt the more safe outside related to the Coronavirus. Even if today Disneyland Paris has to close again, I lived (differently but lived) some crazy, emotional and good memories during these three and a half months of re-opening. I loved the experience and wear a mask 10 hours by day in the park has becoming something normal (I can’t believe to say that with my anxiety) and put hand sanitizers after each attraction or something public I touched is becoming a reflex and who at any moment comes troubles my days.

Right! Despite this new parks closure, I want to reflect on these amazing and special memories I lived during these three months. This special situation is hard but I don’t want to forget these memories and I want to continue supporting Disneyland Paris who are not responsible of this situation. Even if it’s hard I decided to try staying a bit positive and writing 10 things that I’m grateful that I lived during these months from my presence at the soft-reopening on July 13, to my last day on October 12, before that the park close again on October 29. Going in a Disney park during Covid is special and I don’t recommend you if you considering to go in a park who is again opens (not Disneyland Paris, insert a sad face), if it’s a life time trip. But it’s an experience to see the adaptation of the park when you are a regular guest. And I can that congratulations Disneyland Paris. When Disneyland Paris could be back in normal operations like before the pandemic, I want to look back on these memories like a very special experience that I lived but not necessarily like a bad one. I want to keep this time and memories. Right! Below I’m sharing 10 things that I’m grateful that I lived at Disneyland Paris these past months in the first re-opening.



Disneyland Paris has official first re-opened on July 15, but on July 13 & 14, they have done soft opening for annual pass holders. After a lot of thoughts on different reasons I have done the choice to going on the soft opening day July 13. It was a very very special day this re-opening after the first four months of closure and much more. I’m just so grateful to have can attend this soft opening day and I could see the president of Disneyland Paris and the ambassador on this special day.


Since the first re-opening despite the special safety conditions and measures, the energy of the Characters and Cast Members is crazy amazing. I have no other word! Really amazing! When I watch a video of the Characters since the re-opening between Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World, the difference in the Characters interactions and energy despite the social distances is crazy. Disneyland Paris Characters and Cast Members have so much more energy. Some peoples could tell it’s the hot weather in Walt Disney World but I couldn’t be agree because I went at Disneyland Paris in August during a many days in the row 40 degrees Celsius heat wave and we had many hot weather even until mid-September and it’s not normal to be hot in September here. But the Characters and Cast Members got always so much energy even on these heat waves. I’m so grateful for the energy of the Characters and Cast Members from Disneyland Paris since the first re-opening because with the current situation it’s hard. But their energy given so much more magic!


Well! Well! Recently, the most amazing experience of my trip in October. No parades for safety measures, no floats. I missed them so much because I love so much watching the floats. During this Halloween Festival they have done ride the parade route many floats by day, independently and at different hours without reel hours announced to avoid to make crowd. It was amazing to see back some floats. I dream of the day where I could to see back the floats of Disney Stars On Parade but in waiting I’m so grateful to have saw these floats and again more special now that the park is closed again. And have probably no real chance to see some Christmas floats in the same way. Grateful for this experience!


In May, you could have told me that I could feel me somewhere safe outside with the Coronavirus in the nature, I couldn’t believe what you told me. The first wave and lockdown has been pretty hard on the fact that my district has been the more touched by the Coronavirus in cases and deaths. My family has been particularly touched also, because my mom got it and my sister who worked at the most touched hospital of France in the first wave was tested positive but haven’t had of real symptoms. Currently, in this second wave my district is at this moment the less touched of France. But! It’s given myself this situation pretty much more anxiety and in more that my usually. Even when the lockdown has started to be slowly take down in May, I was not able to go outside because I was too much anxious about the Coronavirus. I finally been able to go outside really in July when I went on a summer beach family vacation, but I felt not safe related to the Coronavirus in the south of France.

And. I started in the next weeks to go slowly back during the summer at Disneyland Paris. And I felt instantly safe there. I don’t want to tell that it’s the magic or that the virus doesn’t exist at Disneyland Paris. But all the safety measures, mask, hand sanitizers, social distance stickers, plexiglass and a constant attention from the Cast Members to make the maximum respected these rules. All that’s make me feel safe and I’m not the only annual pass or guests who told that, most of the peoples who goes at Disney parks tell that they feel more safe at the park than in a normal shop. I’m so grateful to have been able to feel myself safe because it was not win when the France go out from the first lockdown in May and I was able to go at Disneyland Paris in these times, I continued to go even when the Seine et Marne was placed in red zone at the end of August and that the contamination increased daily. My mom was worry that I go, but I respected the simple rules and I felt safe and each time I’m back ok.


Take photos of the Characters walk in the park is something that I have never done before and I dreamed to do it when I saw the photos of photographers in Disneyland California. I dreamed to could take them walk, but it was not something who happened at Disneyland Paris. But at the re-opening Disneyland Paris placed the Characters on Main Street USA station to waving “Good Morning” and “Good night” and every 30 minutes the Characters walked to take a break and at these moments I could to take them in photos. It was one of my favorite moment of this special experience in the park. Right!


At the park re-opening, seeing the Castle at night was something of impossible because the park has shortened his hours and closed at 08h00 pm and in the summer it’s not the night at this hour. It’s finally in September that I was able to see the Castle at night for the first time since March. It was really so emotional like hear again the opening and closing parks spiels. So emotions. The Castle in the night makes me all the time crying and again more since the first re-opening.


That’s one was a long time dream! I dreamed to see a sunset behind the Castle at Disneyland Paris since exactly September 2019. But despite my many trips I haven’t been able because of the weather who was often rainy or cloudy at this moment of the day. It’s finally in September 2020, that I managed to watch my first sunset at Disneyland Paris behind the Castle. It was amazing! I have done twice sunset in September and I was able to watch some sunsets again on my trip here in October. Despite my negativity at the view of the current situation in France, I want to tell safely that it’s worst the wait and work for some dreams. Even if it’s happen not when you want. But particularly when you wait the less and when you need of them the more.


I’m grateful for the cast members who have worked/and work in these special conditions to adapt the entertainments with the safety measures. Selfie spots, mini parades, and a lot of mini entertainments during this Halloween Festival, it’s amazing. Thanks to them!


I want to be grateful for these 15 days that I spend in the parks between the first re-opening and this new closure. I can’t tell that I enjoyed every second of them. Because during my trip in August under the heat wave it was just hard. And even if these trips haven’t been as much as therapeutic that before this pandemic, be in the park is so much better even without doing nothing that be at home. I’m stopping on that!


During my last trip in October, I spent for the first ever six days in the row in the park and it was also the first time that I traveled so long in solo. It’s crazy! The crazy thing to me, right now also is that I haven’t the feeling that I’m stayed six days but only three days. It’s a bit hard this feeling again more now that the park is closed again and that on my trip in November I planned to stay seven days. But the reality is that I’m really stayed six days in the row at Disneyland Paris and solo, and in this moment where I don’t know if I could to see again the park this year, I’m so grateful so these six days in the row.

Let’s making more when it’s could be possible!

Now, during this new special time in France, and even if this new closure is heartbreaking, I will try to take the time to reflect on these memories. These past three months, I have done one trip after one without taking the time to reflect on these memories, it’s currently hard because this new lockdown take down the Christmas season and my favorite weather in the parks. But right! That’s that, hoping for the Christmas holiday window opening but I couldn’t know it before weeks! Thanks for stopping by!




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