Winter Wonderland

On Friday, we took a break of the moving process and we going up in the mountains during the afternoon. I skied! This is the first time that I skied since we are back from Alpe d’Huez (three weeks ago), with the moving we did not have time for going in the mountains. After one hour of road with an amazing bluebird sky I hit the slopes during the rest of my family go eat a dessert and drink at the restaurant. Right! I was so excited because it was a time since the last time and I was excited to see how I’m able to skiing. I was not disappointed! Oh-No! Not disappointed! I put my ski gears and I was a little anxious at the start but after the middle of the first slope already, I started to be less anxious. And I was able to skiing like at the end of my ski trip last month. I skied with a confidence in me like never! I skied with speed, I have done some good parallel turns. I even run many parallel turns in the row without stopping me. I started to skidding on the end of my turns also. I can’t believe it! I started to skidding on the end of my turns! Well! I left the slopes at the closing of the ski lifts happy! I’m so happy of how I skied! I did not let my anxieties come on in me on this moment. Too good! I finished my ski day with a sugar donut and hot cocoa. That’s good!

It was a wonderland ski day. I will never forget this day where without difficulties I was able to do some complete parallel turns and where I started really to skidding on the end of my turns. I will never forget this progress and amazing memories!



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