Why I love to start Christmas Spirit early!

I don’t know you but me I love to start putting Christmas spirit in my life early. Early that does not want to mean already in August! Early in November! I love to start in the early November to add slowly all around me Christmas spirit. I know that some peoples find November too early for put all Christmas spirit. Right! But don’t worry! I do not put my Christmas tree on 1st November. I have recently discovered something who sounds fun for me. Ok! I have a second type of OCD! Obsessive Christmas Disorder – Where all the Christmas decorations, songs, and lights are acceptable the day after Halloween! I find that fun! But! Seriously! I start to add Christmas spirit slowly. All Christmas decorations are not here on the day after Halloween. Don’t worry! In early November, I start to add Christmas spirit by watching Christmas movies on nights but in December Christmas movies are on my tv 24/7. Drinking hot cocoa. Wear cozy clothes. I wait mid-November to decorate for Christmas! This year, I did me a little package. In October, I bought me few Christmas books, a puzzle and some holiday socks. When all was shipped, I put all aside without touching them and I decided to have it access, the day after Halloween only. I found that fun! I loved! This weekend, I did for the first time my new Christmas puzzle. I can now watch and touch Christmas books with beautiful illustrations. Now, I can start slowly my Christmas spirit before place Christmas decorations mid-November. These are many reasons why I love to start Christmas spirit early and that touch directly my mental health.

The Christmas spirit improves my mental health. The most wonderful time of the year. I don’t know you but me… Christmas spirit helps and improves my mental health. The magic, the twinkling lights, Christmas movies’ stories, the cold weather outside and getting outside from my wardrobe my UGG boot and all cozy stuffs. Snuggling in my blankets! Ok! All that’s give me well! So! I find that start Christmas spirit in December, and spend just one month with all Christmas spirit in my life is too short. Start early in November, let me the time with two months, it’s longer. With all these good stuffs!


I buy Christmas gifts early. I love taking the time, starting to plan in September. To do all wishlists for each person. And! I start to buy around November. Because in December, I want to watch 24/7 Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa so I do not want to spend the time to buy gifts in December. Yes! I want and love! At the last minute, go at the mall and shop last minutes gifts. But! The big and principal gifts are bought early. In November, the prices can be lower, the stocks are here and you are not worried if your order is coming at time or not.


The most hopeful time of the year. Right! Do you think that? With all the Christmas spirit, I find hope. Hope in life. Hope in this world. The peoples look more better and nice in life general. When I watch Christmas movies, I find hope. When I listening Christmas carols, I find hope. When I building a Christmas LEGO, I find hope. When I watch Christmas twinkling lights, I find hope. All that gives me hope. So! Why not extend it a little?!

And to start early in November! Are you like me! Is the Christmas spirit improves your mental health? Do you love to start Christmas spirit early? When are you putting your Christmas decorations? I could love to hear from you!



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