Why I Took A Two Weeks Instagram Break & What It Brings Me

Last night, I was back on Instagram after two weeks complete break! Wahoo! Right! Let’s starting!

It’s a few weeks that I thought take an Instagram break but I finally never do it. When the France has announced his shut down because of the Coronavirus and that all Disney parks has officially announced closed also. It’s here that I decided to take this break really. I don’t know if it was the right time to do it! Because I turn off the only social activity that we can to have currently. But I really felt the need to do it more that never!

The France has officially locked down because of the Coronavirus on 14th March, and on Sunday 15th March, I started my Instagram break. First, I officially took only an one week break but at the end of the first week, I decided to extend it to another second week. Just because I felt the need to do it!

On the 15th March at night, I disconnected my Instagram account and turned off all notifications but for rise the challenge I decided to keep the app. I’m pretty proud of me! I haven’t opened once the app. The first days has been a habit do not open multiple times by day. But it was easy to detach my attention on another app! After the first few days, I didn’t thinking about it anymore. And this break was so good that at the end of the first week I decided to extend it. Right! In the middle of the second week and after one and a half week, it’s started to be a bit harder, I started to want to go back and see the photos or stories of my favorite accounts even if I knew that it was not some recently taken in the parks of the fact that they are closed.

It brings me a bit of PEACE and CALM inside me this Instagram break! And if in first I didn’t know if it was the right time to take this break with the world situation BUT I think, that it was the right time to do it.

Now, after two weeks break, I feel more ready and excited again to go back on Instagram! On another side, I’m a bit worry on the fact that I could hear about parks closure and Coronavirus situation AND the France who has officially extended his shut down until 15th April. I’m worry about all that and my back on Instagram! I will see how I could feel me to this situation!


Have you already taken an Instagram break? How much time, days, weeks? All right! I encourage any people who feel the need to take an Instagram break to do it for your mind! Thanks for reading!



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