Why Break The Rules Of Minimalism

The common definition of minimalism means uncluttered life and live simply. I could be an of the first person to tell that minimalism is the best lifestyle and I shared all about the benefits that my minimalism lifestyle has on my mental health in a previous post here. To have a minimalist lifestyle is to privilege what you want, love and who spark joy in your life. I talked all about what minimalism brings me in my life and how I practice it in my previous post. In this post, I will share one thing that  I have learned in years of practice minimalism. Sometimes it’s can to be good to break a bit the rules of minimalism! Minimalism lifestyle is making space for the things that we love. But!

A problem who can appear when we start minimalism lifestyle and get rid of things is to come to a thing that you love and can to have in multiple times. Like a collection. I haven’t had this problem specially me in the beginning because when I have started minimalism I haven’t collections. But it’s starting a few years after when I was in a big minimalism mind. When I started to travel also, I was in mind to take back a thing of each travel destinations but I did not know what, all the things who sell in souvenirs shops are so big and take place, like mugs or it’s something that I know that I couldn’t use every day. Finally, I often nothing bring back from my travel, I told me that my photos to keep memories were enough.

On an of my Disneyland day trips, I flashed on the idea to collect some Pin’s. I found good and cute the ideas for a few reasons. Pin’s are small! The Pin’s are small stuff and not too much cluttering to collect. And some Pin’s are really cute and brings me back to my love for Disneyland. These are some easy things to collect not only at Disneyland but other travel destinations. You can find easily Pin’s in souvenir shops. I loved the idea to collect Pin’s and bring back one or two of my Disneyland trip and everywhere else trips. Well! I recently started a Pin’s collection! I have currently six Pin’s in my collection.

But here again, the deal is not to buy any Pin’s and a thousand. The goal is to create a collection when you look on every single piece it’s can spark you joy.

A tip to recognize something who spark you joy.

Me, personally, I see that something can spark me joy the second where my eyes look on it. I have like a flash that it’s something that I could love. It happens when I buy online or in shops.

Took the time to look on the thing and try to imagine you in his possession, could you love to have it in your home? Could you love to look on it regularly? Could you spark joy?… And took in your hands if necessary and try to identify how do you feel with it in your hands. Normally, it’s enough to identify if you love it. If you feel nothing, it’s that this object is not done for you. Of course, I do not buy ten Pin’s at each trip. I always buy one or two Pin’s in the same time not more.

Break the rules of minimalism as for a collection that you love and who make you happy in your life is good. The best benefit I think it’s to be able easier to get rid of things who does not spark you joy. After the years of learning minimalism, I think it’s even an important thing to add to your minimalist lifestyle. I think it’s good also to create a special space to store your collection. Store by sizes, colors and make each item of the collections visible and good display like it’s something who spark you joy.

Minimalism is different for everyone and you can start your collection in whatever you love and spark joy. The best is like even to keep small things in the collection to not cluttering and it’s not again an excuse to keep everything. Minimalism is decluttering and keep things simple but it’s also something who must bring you happiness to your life! If keep one collection (just one) spark you joy, I think it’s important to do it! Have you a collection who spark you joy?



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