What's Up Without Food {12.27.2017}

Once time by month, I answer some questions who have no report with food. The goal of this post and of not to think about food in few times and of forget the disorder of anorexia.

It’s the last What’s Up Without Food of the year.


#1 What I’m working on?

This month I worked hard on the Christmas spirit.

I worked hard also on fighting my anxiety in society.


#2 What I’m listening?

Christmas songs and just that.


#3 What I’m watching?

The Season 14 final episode of NCIS was on air in France in december… other than that I watched a very LOTS LOTS LOTS of christmas movies (sometimes till 4-5 by day).


#4 What I’m reading?

Nothing. I haven’t really of times for read, I spended all my most times to watch christmas movies.


#5 I’m excited about?

Particularly, found new hope in this new year is coming on.


Bonus question: Do I have a good memories of my birthday this year?

A BIG YES!!! I turned on 21 last wednesday. I had a good time and memories. I loved the ice skating afternoon. The review in a post here.


That’s December What’s Up Without Food today.



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