What’s Up Without Food {02.28.2018}

Once time a month, I host this link up and share about some parts of my life who have no report with food. The goal of this post is to not thinking about the disorder of anorexia.

Every month, I answer these questions…

#1 What I’m working on?

I’m working on my anxiety, learning ski, next trip, a big project.


#2 What I’m listening?

I listening on repeat all times, Something just like this and Echame la Culpa.


#3 What I’m watching?

I did my february movies review last week HERE.

I watched snowboard big air on Olympic Games 2018.

Side tv shows, this month I watched a lot of Modern Family, Hawaii 5-0. Actually I love watching few episodes of Psych or Monk in afternoon or evening. And I have a really obsession since 2 weeks to Law and Order, I loved already before watching this tv show and here in the space of one week I watched the complete season 18 and again few others episodes of different seasons.


#4 What I’m reading?

Nothing, except blogs.


#5 What mental disorders was the most difficult this month?

My bpd, I’m under medication with Lamictal 25mg that I take every mornings, I take it since october 2015, he helps me a lot for manage my bpd and emotions but sometimes he stops to working during few days, I don’t know if it’s because I took since a long time now but when he stops to working, I can’t manage my emotions and it’s the chaos of course… it’s rarely, it’s about few days every three months he stops to working… and this month it was a month or he stoped to works, ok it was in the mid-february, he working now correctly again.


#6 I’m excited about?

My ski trip on next month.


And the bonus question today is What is my favorite travel destination during spring?

During spring, I traveled during the three last years a lot in the south of France to the french riviera, particularly to Cannes and Monaco and I love so much that, I love so much during spring a trip to Cannes with a excursion to Monaco. This year, I did a other choice with my family we are going to do a trip at the mountain like that I can to do ski. It’s with my new passion for ski, I asked to my parents if we can to do a trip in the mountain for that I can to do ski, they says yes because they want to do other things in the same place. I’m excited for this ski trip, it’s during spring but MY FAVORITE destination for spring travel is to Cannes in France after I would like discovered new destinations but for me a travel during spring must be with a weather of 15°C to 20°C. With sun but where we must put long sleeves and a little coat in mornings.

That’s February What’s Up Without Food today.





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