What's Up Without Food {01.31.2018}

Once time a month, I host this link up and share about some parts of my life who have no report with food. The goal of this post is to not thinking about the disorder of anorexia.

Every month, I answer these questions…

This is first What’s Up Without Food of this year.

#1 What I’m working on?

Actually, I working for the next family trips, spring, summer,… I’m worked also on another, my first big alone trip.


#2 What I’m listening?

Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Avicii are a mix that I listening these times, my favorite ever is Something just like this from Coldplay.


#3 What I’m watching?

Yesterday, I posted my january movies review (movies that I watched).

I heard a lot of peoples same my psychiatrist that it was necessary to watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I fixed myself in the mid-december to try to watching after that I finished with christmas movies… ok I tried… I watched the four first episodes but I do not like this, it’s not for me, I stopped to watched, I do not want watching more, I don’t understand nothing to this serie and I do not like this gender of watching, I left aside for this time maybe later I could continue to watching but now no.

I watched a lot of Modern Family on nights or afternoons and I had a lot of laughs with.


#4 What I’m reading?

I do not read a lot, in the beginning of this year, I fixed myself as goal… try to read more. Ok, I tried this month, I same chosen a special winter book for give me wanted to read but I do not managed, read book it’s not for me, I like read blogs but books no, I love big photography books but read books no. I tried to Winter Stroll this month.


#5 What mental disorders was the most difficult this month?

This month there was not among all mental disorders that I have (see all what I have here) one who was most difficult. All my mental disorders was here this month except depression who was not here all month.


#6 I’m excited about?

Watching Valentine’s Day movie on Valentine’s Day… I watched last year and I wanted watched again this year and I’m excited about that.


And the bonus question today is What is my favorite winter food?

My favorite food since I’m little in winter is the raclette.


That’s January What’s Up Without Food today.



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