What’s Up Without Food {04.25.2018}

Once time a month, I host this link up and share about some parts of my life who have no report with food. The goal of this post is to not thinking about the disorder of anorexia.

Every month, I answer these questions…


#1 What I’m working on?

I worked on my first solo trip in Nice this month… HERE

Now, with worked on this big thing I decided to take a break and work on nothing, I concentrate me and work only on my blog.


#2 What I’m listening?



#3 What I’m watching?

I did not do it yet my monthly movies review for april, the post is coming on Monday.

I watched a lot of different Tv Shows this month compared to march I reduced the time of watching Law and Order. I had a lot of mixed episodes between…




Hawaii 5-0.

Law and Order.


#4 What I’m reading?

Blogs. I love read a lot of blogs these times.


#5 What mental disorders was the most difficult this month?

No one.

In despite of a BIGGEST challenge that I accomplished this month. My first solo trip, found the recap HERE. I did not have a lot of anxiety or some problems with my borderline disorder, anorexia,…

I had few little sleep problems during my nights on my solo trip and I was a little hard of found a correct sleep after the trip but in less of one week, I manage to sleep normally, nothing of bad!


#6 I’m excited about?

Nothing of special, I have no big projects in plan for next month, I decided to take a little break because I’m tired of my enormous progress between the ski and my first solo trip that I enjoy a lot BUT I need of a little break.




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