What's Up Without Food {03.28.2018}

Once time a month, I host this link up and share about some parts of my life who have no report with food. The goal of this post is to not thinking about the disorder of anorexia.

Every month, I answer these questions…

#1 What I’m working on?

I work on my next therapeutic “alone” trip in April. What is a therapeutic “alone” trip? There is two weeks ago I talked about all on my therapeutic “alone” trips and what is my therapeutic “alone” trip on April in a post, if you are interested found the post HERE.

#2 What I’m listening?


This month I listened a lot the sound voice intro of Law and Order: svu.


#3 What I’m watching?

I did my march movies review on monday.

If not, I did not watched a various of tv shows or movies this month, I was watching ALL TIME Law and Order: svu and when I say all time it’s really all time, I watched about 6-7 episodes by day and in only three weeks I managed to watching all complete seasons from 13 to 18 and the episodes already who was on air of season 19.


#4 What I’m reading?

I read some books/encyclopedia on United States of America and the Cinema/the art of shoot a movie or a tv show for learn a lot about that.


#5 What mental disorders was the most difficult this month?

I can say my BPD maybe. It’s a little different because if my BPD was hard few days in the month it is because I stopped my treatment of Lamictal, just after I started to take it again my BPD symptoms was better. If not I did not have of disorders more difficult that another this month.


#6 I’m excited about?

THERAPEUTIC “ALONE” TRIP. My therapeutic “alone” trip in April, I have some anxiety but I’m excited and I want to do it.


And the bonus questions today is What was my favorite thing about winter this year?

SKI. Ski was my favorite thing a discovered and to learn. With the ski I discovered a new world… a anxious, hard and good world. It’s awesome.

That’s wrap my March What’s Up Without Food today.

Take care, thanks for reading.




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