What’s Up – March 2019

Welcome back to my monthly “What’s Up” series where at the end of each month I share a few things by answering at few questions. March has been with some very various times and emotions. I had an amazing day trip in Disneyland Paris! We had our one month anniversary in the new house. I started stopping the Sertraline treatment because he did not help me and I have some tough days since. I feel from depressed, sad, exhausted and all some bad feelings. Right! A little What’s Up!



All my ski sessions of this Winter. I just wrapped my second year of ski! It was an amazing one! I really loved to progress in my ski practice. And it was not easy every time! Between my anxiety and fear of not succeded because of my lack of confidence in myself. I’m really happy of what I have done this season and I remembering every day, every ski session from my very last one of the season to my big ski trip of the season in Alpe d’Huez. Awesome!



Psych. Psych. Psych. I’m obsessed with Psych these days! I watching days and nights. Literally obsessed with the videos that I took on my day trip at Disneyland Paris last week also, I watching them all time.

I wrapped my third Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) book last week. I decided to take a little break before starting the next book. So, between I watched the movie Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets because I particularly loved the book. I’m not watching a lot of movies currently, I’m just in the mood to start a Disney’s movies challenge. I watched Coco the other night, I loved it!



The soundtrack of the parade of the festival pirates and princesses that I saw on my day at Disneyland. I’m obsessed with and can’t stop listening to it.

Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max.



I have some tough days currently. Well! Last Thursday, I started to stop the Sertraline because it did not help me, I take a pill of 25mg one day on two but it’s so much harder this time than the last times to stop it. I feel more depressed, exhausted, with much more anxiety, sad, angry and all the things about. Hope these symptoms will go away in the next days.



My solo trip in Paris. I’m excited but I start to be really anxious also. What adventure already before go!



I started a new Instagram account! I already have my Instagram account (@peanutrecovery) related everything between my life and this blog. Now, I started an account where I share motivational quotes. If you read my blog since a time you know that motivational quotes are something who help me so much in my mental health. I talked about particularly in my post here where I share my ways to cultivating happiness. I thought during many weeks and maybe months before creating it because I do not want to spend so much time in social networks but quotes are something who really help me. So, I finally launched me! I will share on this account all my favorite motivational quotes. You can discover it @brightlightandquotes and follow me here.







French girl, photographer, disneyland lover, lifestyle blogger with complex ptsd.


  1. Hey,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Not sure if I have sent this request before.

    I am scheduling Mental Health Awareness re-blogs for the month of May, can I share a blog post of yours that’s related to the subject in any way.

    Your words can help educate the readers on the subject and give validation to the ones traveling in the same boat.

    Thank you! 🙂

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