What’s Up – February 2019

At the end of each month, I do a little recap by answering at few questions.




My solo trips of last year at Nice in April and October, with my birthday day trip at Disneyland Paris in December. I’m currently planning the details for my future solo trips, a day trip at Disneyland Paris in March and few days at Paris in April. Working on the details reminds me the details of my trips that I lived last years, good for the most, it’s so good because I loved these trips in solo. Amazing experiences!

One month that I’m back of my week ski trip in Alpe d’Huez and every single day, I think at this amazing trip. All the ski! All the feelings! All the views! Every day, you can find me to look on some photos of my trip or my video.


Right! Already, all the photos of my ski trip and last year solo trips.

I do not watched a lot of things because now I read also. I watched the new episodes of Modern Family and Law and Order: SVU. But my obsession was to watching Marie Kondo on Netflix! I love organizations, so I just love so much his show. Hope a season 2 is coming! On nights, I watched Psych and The Suite Life on Deck. Four years ago, I started a kind of tradition on Valentine’s Day, watching the movie Valentine’s Day, I find that cool. I just plugged my dvd player on time after moving for watching it again this year. I finished reading the n°1 Harry Pottter book, I wanted watching the movie also. It was cool to place a picture on characters of the book and about the place and Hogwarts. But! I do not want now read a book and watch the movie after. I prefer just read the books and maybe watching the movies when I could to finished read the books.


Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max. I’m obsessed with!


Well! That’s continued to be some hard times like in January. A lot of obsessional thoughts and anxiety! I try to control them but I’m a time where it’s really hard. Three weeks ago, I started to take a little of Sertraline on mornings but it does not really help me. In February, I had more best and calm days compared to January but that stay a hard low.

On another hand, I’m surprised how mentally I was able to live the moving. I was really good to let the house where I lived all my life and facing my anxiety about the new house. I shared a moving update post last week here, if you missed it.


A day trip at Disneyland Paris!!!

Continue to work on the details of my solo trip at Paris in Avril. What I want to do! Where I want to go! Thinking at what camera I took!… I have equally a lot of work on the decor of my new bedroom. And I love work on! I love to do things to find me cozy and good in my space. I love interior design.


I’m happy because Modern Family is renewed for his 11th season!
I sleep in my bed since three days, all day long because I’m sick. I have a cold, sore throat, cough, I can’t stay stand up without feeling me bad. Well! I have all the same symptoms that when I had the flu in December except I do not have fever. It’s exhausting!






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