What To Do in Ajaccio

This summer, I did my first trip in Ajaccio with my family. Ajaccio is a city located on the west coast of the island of Corsica. Easy to access by plane or ferry. This is a city easy to walk in the center but for explored the all, a car is necessary. We saw and did few things during our 10 days trip in Ajaccio this summer. I did not think told that before my trip but I could love to come back in Ajaccio to do what I did not have the time to do.


These are the ideas and things that I advise to do during your itinerary if your plan to travel in Ajaccio.


Ajaccio is a beautiful city to see, if you can and have the time, I highly recommend to stay in from one week to two weeks to do the most of things.


Walk on the place fosh and around the streets. Take a walk at the Place Fosh in the center and walk around for see beautiful colors buildings.


Eat a soft Ice Cream from La Gelateria. During the walk at the Place Fosh, take a little break and enjoy a soft Ice Cream or a nutella crepe or a lot of others things at the La Gelateria. A lot of good foods with reasonable prices.


Watch a sunset at Capo Di Feno. You love watch (or photograph like me) beautiful sunset on the beach. I higly recommend to take the way until la plage de Capo Di Feno. It’s just awesome and a beautiful paradise.


Le Petit Train. We visited the city of Ajaccio with Le Petit Train also, you do not have of a car or you just want visited differently Ajaccio and without to be in the traffic jam, it’s a good idea. He takes you from the Place Fosh and passing by the Napoleon 1er Monument, he rides until the end of the route des sanguinaires.


Plage de Marinella. La Plage de Marinella is a beautiful little beach with a beautiful water and few restaurants on the sides.


Beach coves. On the route des sanguianaires, there is a lot of little beach coves, beautiful and calm, I went with my sister few times during our family trip and it’s on the beach coves that I enjoyed watching sunrise colors in the sky early in the morning. It was so calm and alone I was like alone in the world. Peace time.


Plage de la Terre Sacré. This is my second favorite beach in Ajaccio after Cafo Di Feno, she is a little bigger and large than La Plage de Marinella but you have like even little spaces sides to the rocks if you don’t like go sit in the middle of the sand. The water is beautfiul and transparent, little fishes on the rocks’edges and some little waves.


Walk around the Port. If you love boats, I highly recommend you to take a walk around the port not far from La Place Fosh. There is a lot of beautiful boats, big yachts, little boats and mostly there are some beautiful cruise ships who accost in the port for the half of the day of the complete day. I had an obsession to watch cruise ships during my trip. Look a so much big thing like that, it’s a building on the sea… it’s so beautiful!

These are some things that I did in Ajaccio during our trip that I recommend to do.


Next time, I could return in Ajaccio, I have these things on my list to do already:

La réserve de Scandola, by boat.

Go in Porticcio.

Take a boat trip for watch sunset on the Iles Sanguinaires.


If you want to know more about my trip in Ajaccio, you can see my recaps here.


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