What I Wear Favorites Ski Edition

When I started the ski in January 2018, I did not buy me really ski clothes because it was the first time, I wanted to try the ski. But. Really! I did not think that I could so much love and wanted to continue. In the first time, I did not buy and invest in ski clothes. I already had a ski pant, gloves,… because I live in an area where winters are done of snow and we go regularly in mountains, but it was not some really good ski clothes. At the end of last winter, when I closed my first season of ski, I knew that I wanted to ski next year and I knew that I will need new ski clothes. I bought me a big part of my new ski clothes in summer because it’s 50% off. I was excited to buy me these new ski clothes and now I’m happy to finally could to use them because I bought them more than 6 months ago. Well! I love to wear ski clothes! I feel comfortable. I love more wear ski clothes than shorts and tees. Last year, I rented my ski. This year, I got one pair last month for my birthday. It’s cool! Before I bought my new clothes, I had a precise idea like mostly of what I wanted.

1. Ski. I got my ski like birthday gift with the boots, I picked not too heavy ski because last year once time I had some rented heavy ski and I was not even able to rise a ski or turn in pizza correctly. I tried my birthday gift on my first day skiing of the season last week. And I absolutely love it! I can rise them without too much problem. I’m excited to progress this season with them. I love the design and colors!

2. Ski boots. When I picked my ski boots, I decided that I wanted with fur inside. It’s so cozy! Like my UGG. I do not want to let them!

3. Ski vest. This is a Roxy vest, I love it, she has a multitude of pockets or helpful accessories like there is a pocket for the ski pass on the arm. I do not like wear fluorescent colors but I knew that my new ski vest could to be an exception. I find that cool on the slopes, particularly under the foggy or when it’s snowing.

4. Ski gloves. I had some problems for find some ski gloves that I loved, but I finally found these and I love them. There is even some straps to put them around my writs. Like that when on the slopes I want to stop for taking photos and take off my gloves, I will not lose them. Because last year, it almost happened several times. Just amazing!

5. Ski Pant. I knew that I wanted a pink vest, I knew that I want a blue ski pant. That’s it is!

6. Hood/CollarShe comes last year from Roxy and I love it. This is a hood that you can transform just a collar. It’s awesome! I use it like collar but if I need I can use it like hood too. Is it not cool? It’s so soft, cozy and protects of the cold weather!

7. Ski mask. I change of ski mask this year too because last year I picked up one at 20$, he is not good, too small, scratched me. I picked one Smith and I feel more comfortable inside.

8. Ski cask. I know it’s not good! But last year, I did not wear cask during skiing! This year, I wanted – for the security and maybe feel less anxious. I found one from Smith where it is soft inside. I love it.

9. UGG boots. Apres-ski, my UGG boots are my favorite to wear at my feet.

10. Jacket. My The North Face jacket is my favorite. I love to wear it under my ski vest when it’s really cold where just to be comfy inside after the ski. I love it!


Well! I’m excited almost as far as going on the slopes to skiing than wear my ski gear. It’s so cozy, comfortable and keep me warm! I love them!



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