What I wear

What I wear actually it’s a little special because I wear ski clothes like I’m on a ski trip.

I love my The North Face vest, I put her when I have cold and actually under my ski vest for add a good warm layer, I haven’t cold with, I wear this vest all time and I feel good inside.

Outside Ski times.

I love wear my Fog Sport Band for my Apple Watch, I bought it in the beginning of winter because before I had Soft White Sport Band but for winter I wanted another color that white, I bought this one and I love it maybe around summer I will change it for a White color version a Nike Band.


Because it’s again too cold for to do without, I wear my Abercrombie & Fitch winter Parka.


I am so much in comfort with these T-Shirt Sleeves from Boden and Skinny Jeans from Esprit.


In home or when it’s not too cold outside I wear Chino bottom.


I LOVE, LOVE so much wear my Classic Short Ugg, I wore them almost only them all winter, I enjoy wear them again today before the weather grow up and that’s will to be too hot.


This was a little view of What I wear.

See you tomorrow.


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