What I Learned With Three Weeks Away

In September I spent three weeks away from home and done two different kinds of trips. You probably know it already if you read my blog, I have done a five days trip in solo to Disneyland Paris and right after I went on a two and a half weeks trip in the south of France with my parents.

Before going on these three weeks’ trips I was afraid that it’s could be hard to be a so much long time out of the home. I asked me how I could manage my routines who help me to survive face to my anxiety and all around. It was the first time of my life that I was like that on three weeks away from home and doing two different kinds of trips in the row.

If you read my solo trip to Disneyland Paris recap, you know that after many though weeks this summer, I had an incredibly amazing time and Disneyland Paris shows me once again that it’s an amazing therapy place. And on this way, I have decided to invest me and doing monthly overnights trips to Disneyland Paris until already the end of the year. Disneyland Paris is currently my best therapy place for many little and big details, I talked about with my psychiatrist on my appointment on Monday and she encourages me to do these trips if they help me.

I had my trip to Disneyland Paris where my anxiety, flashbacks were completely low and sometimes absolutely not here and it was the best time. It was hard to left Disneyland and these days with a very good mental health after previously spent some hard weeks. Following this, I have joined my parents in the south of France (around Montpellier) who were here to do a thermal cure. We went back home this weekend.

A few weeks ago I saw this quote ” You can’t heal in the same environment that you made sick”. On the moment, I didn’t know what thinking about, when I saw this quote I thought between my love and want to travel and my place at home with my helpful routines. The problem when you have c-PTSD, you have not one environment that made you sick but a multitude of environments, so I didn’t know what thinking about this quote.


Right! I have talked how I felt during my Disneyland Paris trip but not on my two and a half weeks in the south of France. On the first days after to have left Disneyland Paris it was pretty hard, my anxiety was back again, but if my anxiety was back, one thing who was not back so powerful was my flashbacks. Days after days, I noticed that my anxiety was high but my flashbacks were not so much powerful. Right! They were more powerful that when I was to Disneyland Paris but less powerful than when I’m at home. It was so good! I noticed also that on the last days before going back at home and when my sister joined us in the south, my flashbacks have increased a lot more. But even if it’s started to be hard and powerful, it was pretty calm because since I’m at home I’m completely out of control and my flashbacks and anxiety are here at each second.


Now, with these three weeks away from home experience, I can be related to this quote that I talked above. In the beginning, I was anxious to leave the home so long with my anxiety and routines that I have at home but this experience completely shows me this quote. It’s hard to heal in the same environments that made you sick. Three weeks it was finally not so long and my mental health was so much better away from the home than since that I’m back at home. I feel between confused and searching for a solution. I don’t tell and think that left the environments that made you sick could completely healing you. But it’s can maybe really help!?

Right now, I’m in the mood that regularly left the home and environments who made you sick can helping you to heal. Right! I’m back with my idea to do some monthly overnights trip to Disneyland Paris. Outside of the fact that Disneyland Paris is currently my best therapy place that it was the first motivation of doing these monthly overnights trips, I’m in the mood that in more it’s my therapy place, in the same time I left the environments that made me sick and that I live always inside during a time, and it’s making me do a break.

I had some hard times but I can tell that these three weeks away from home were amazing and it’s making me thinking more about my life and how healing. I haven’t of solutions on the long term again but right now before the end of the year. My project is to do monthly overnights trips to Disneyland Paris, it’s could do twice in one, going to my most therapy place and taking a break of the environments that made me sick mentally. After, I think it’s to see the results of this project. How I worked, How it’s helped me and after it’s could maybe let me see a bigger project for the future. Right now, looking after the end of the year gives me too much anxiety and fears since my two grandma are passed away, so I decided that I want to concentrate just on these months and not after. I want to try to enjoying the maximum of these months.

What is your experience, do you healing in or out from the environment that made you sick? Thanks for reading!




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