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Back from my favorite place! Where the magic keeps my mind positive! Yesterday, I spent the day at Disneyland Paris. It was an incredible day! So many amazing shows, I drunk the cutest and best milkshake of my life. This new season The Lion King & Jungle Festival is so beautiful! The music, the costumes, I don’t like colorful things usually but it was so incredibly amazing. A new heatwave is here in France and I had a few troubles during the day with this heatwave but it’s learned me to know my physical limits and it’s good that I know this now for planning my big Disneyland trip with nights in September. Plus: I’m thankful that with the extreme heat, I haven’t had troubles or any delay in my TGV. Now, time for today’s post!

It’s a long time that I haven’t talk about what I eat and my last eating disorders update was in August last year. Right! I deal always a lot to eat! Why three meals a day? I have always a disgust for a lot of food. But really, if I often do not want to eat, these last months I tried a lot of new different foods. The big change since a few months, I talked about here, I do eat fruits my priority, I included a lot of fruits in my day! And last year, I eaten zero fruits during many months. Even when I do not want to eat a meal and I do it really simple I try to include fruits. Sunday for lunch, I was really not in a mood to eat with a stomach ache, so I ate a little cheese sandwich with strawberries. It was all! Fruits are really a big part! Ok! I do not eat really vegetables again. But I think that maybe in months, I could to eat vegetables also. When I saw that I never eat fruits last year and today they are my priority. I took my time to enjoy to take my way to eat vegetables even if it’s only in six months. My meals quantity are small because I can’t eat a lot, I have always a little stomach. I’m really fast full. I eat three meals by day, breakfast, lunch & dinner and generally a snack in mid-afternoon. Today, I will share a little of what I eat these last weeks.

// Tuna Avocado Toast // I eat this toast almost at every dinner. It’s currently my favorite food in a meal. Sometimes, I add hard egg cut in little pieces on the top. I love hard eggs currently!

// Cheese Grilled Sandwich // I love this sandwich and I do it at dinner when I’m not in mood to take the time to prepare me the tuna avocado toast. It’s really fast! Or when I want to eat cheese! It’s the only way that I eat cheese.

// Sugar Strawberry Waffle // I talked about this many times on Instagram, since I have eaten a sugar waffle on my Disneyland day in June, I was obsessed with and I tried at home and I added strawberry with. It’s delicious!

// Coconut Ice Cream & Strawberries // My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla but I launched me the challenge to try new flavors this summer. My first test was coconut and I loved. I love mint also and recently I tried raspberry sorbet and I love it so much, I’m literally obsessed! Ok! During eating ice cream, I love to add fruits on the next also.

// Mango Smoothie // All about smoothies, please! Here I’m sharing the photo of my mango smoothie but I drink a lot of different that I could post the recipes on my blog soon. My strawberry banana smoothie bowl is a favorite.

// Pineapple Rice // I eat a lot of Rice and I tried to test with new accompaniment. In a summer mood, I have chosen to add pineapple pieces and it was pretty good! I love!

// Breaded Cod & Rice //  I do not love only eat white rice but three color rice also. Another big favorite currently is breaded cod. I’m obsessed to eat this fish. I eat a lot!

// S’mores // In a summer mood, I try and love to eat S’mores on nights.

// Raspberry Jam Toast // My breakfast currently every morning is Raspberry Jam on toasted brioche slices.

// Pasta // I eat a very lot of differents kind of pasta also! Mac & Cheese. This Eiffel Tower was a pasta box that I take back of my solo trip in Paris.


Well! That wraps what I eat these last weeks. The food is always a big trouble in my life but I can now to be in love with some foods. What is your favorite food?





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  1. I love my fruit and veg. I will sometimes have chicken, but I like my fish.

    I also like smoothies and I tried that mango smoothie and loved it, as I expected I would.

    • Thank you so much! I’m happy that you love the mango smoothie recipe that I shared. The only time that I love to eat chicken, it’s chicken nuggets. But not often with this summer weather!

  2. That’s a great variety of food, all of it looks great! That’s really good that you’re trying new things, I am as well. I love avocado on a piece of wheat toast with some salt and lime juice sprinkled on 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m obsessed with avocado toast currently! It’s sounds a good idea to add lime juice on the top, I will to try next time.

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