What… Goals & Reach all long year – 2018

Hi! Today, I will to do a post where I talk of my goals for 2018 but I want also share my tips for reach and follow your goals all long year. Seriously, I do not like really the new of a year for start a lot of goals… because in general we take a day for write goals for the year but after two weeks we are discouraged and we give up, I love write goals all beginning of each months like that I reach my goals.

Before share my goals for 2018 I want share my tips for keep and manage the goals all long year.

• Write down on a paper your yearly goals and keep all time in your planner.

• To do intermediate lists goals by seasons.

• To do all months new goals and change in function of your planning, life time, mental, seasons,….


These are my tips which work perfectly for me that permits of better follow and reach my goals all long year.

Now 2018…

…Here are my Goals.


Try always new things. I want try always new things, explore new things in life… new things with or without anxiety, I want try always new things.

Have a best regular sleep. These times I sleep not very good, I stand up very later (2h00am) and wake up around 10h00am, ok, this not the best but I know why, it’s cause I watch technology screens a lot, turn off at 11h30pm all screens it’s maybe a little better for wake up around 8h30am, it’s my goal.

Eat what I want. No more word, just eat what I want. #eatingdisorder

Rise to 48 Kg. To gain weight, it’s necessary, I will not tell what is my actually weight but rise to 48kg that could be a big deal.

Enjoy little things. Snuggle with my blanket, watch somethings, walk when I’m feel good and enjoy… enjoy little things.

Plan “Alone” Trips. My biggest and favorite goal, I plan actual my first biggest alone trip, I want plan a lot of things alone in 2018… I want fighting my lack of independence and social anxiety.

Found 5 Places to visit in future. I want travel in USA a lot but I thinking I haven’t others places to visit that I want and I want found others cause in my future life I want a life with some travel, explored, visiting some parts of this earth.

Keep my minimalist lifestyle. It’s just because I love to have a minimal lifestyle, this lifestyle helps me a lot in my mental disorders like bpd, anxiety, depression. I want just stay with this lifestyle.


This post is wrapped with my 2018 goals knowing that a lot of others goals will be include each months all long year.


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