Week 5-8 Photography Challenge

It’s time to share in a post the last few weeks of my weekly photography challenge! Well! If yesterday I was a bit more positive about my monthly box and that I have managed to continue it despite my mental breakdown who continually hits me. About my weekly photography challenge, it’s less positive. These February weeks were pretty hard to stay in the mind of my weekly photography challenge. I tried and I have done what I was able to do! But! During the weeks I have often forget about my photography challenge, despite that I have it in highlight on my phone home screen. I worked on each theme at the last minutes, at the end of the weeks. And I was pretty not inspired!

Right! But, let’s sharing and document what I have done! Even if it was not big, I have managed to take once one photo in each theme!

A little remember of the rules.

+Pick up one camera. (my DSLR or mirrorless camera, not only my phone).

+Pick up the theme of the week. Find every week themes here.

+Work each week with the theme by taking at least one photo on this theme during the week.


About lifestyle, my current every day life clothes.


The cool thing is that the Winter theme is happened just on the week where it’s has snowed at home in February. But, the not cool thing is that this Winter season, with all the snow and no ski lifts open I spend a lot of time to take photos. And I had no real new inspirations for this Winter theme. Snow prints is really the only thing who inspired me.


From Winter to Warmth theme in one week, from -15 degrees Celsius to 17 degrees Celsius temperatures at home. On the second week of February, we had super rare cold temperatures, and I live in a place where it’s cold in Winter. And the following week, we got some super rare spring weather. It was spring weather! I went outside in the backyard in sweater and I was not cold. It’s crazy, it’s never so hot for February, and again less after a week of -15 degrees Celsius. But I was not mad about this weather! I’m not a hot weather lover, I usually hate even the hot weather, but it was pretty good. It’s warmed up my heart! And my favorite about this weather was the sun reflections. Right! I tried to translate it in one photo, even if it’s not exceptional!


Using rule of thirds on a favorite daily activity of season. Hot cocoa in afternoon. No more inspirations!

Well! That wraps this photo challenge post, it was not one good month to be inspired to take photos. Maybe also because of my Instagram break and I don’t look on inspirational photos. But I tried to make it as I was able to do it. Thanks for stopping by!

You can find the Week 1-4 photos, here.



    • Thank you! Yes! It’s so easier to take the phone for take photos but it’s don’t worth the quality photos of a real camera!

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