Week 1-4 Photography Challenge

It’s time to sharing in a post, the first weeks of my new 2021 photography challenge!

If you missed my post where I talked about here, in 2021 I launched myself a weekly photography challenge. The goal principal of this challenge is do not spend long time without to pick up my camera particularly when I’m at home because of Covid. In 2020, with the different long and stricts lockdowns in France, I spent months without pick up my camera in the hands because at home I was literally not motivated. But it was really not a good thing! It’s on this way that I chosen to start a weekly photography challenge.

A little remember of the rules.

+Pick up one camera. (my DSLR or mirrorless camera, not only my phone).

+Pick up the theme of the week. Find every week themes here.

+Work each week with the theme by taking at least one photo on this theme during the week.

The idea was also to share the photos on Instagram, what I have done in January in my Instagram stories but in the next weeks, I couldn’t do it because I took one month Instagram break because of my mental breakdown. Right!

Let’s sharing the photos that I took for the themes of the past four weeks.


First photo: The first photo has been took in the mind to document my goal to read one book, one month this year.

Second photo: The second photo has been took during that it was snowing outside at home. These last weeks, I discovered that in more loving the snow, watching the snowflakes fall down outside has a relaxing effect on me.


First photo: During building my new Mickey Mouse Lego Art set, it was cozy at my desk, with my cozy blanket, and relaxing music, and the most of time it was snowing outside. Right! Watching the snowflakes outside from behind the window next to me, it’s added more coziness.

Second photo: Let’s back at the biggest snowing time in 15 years at my house in January (I talked about here). Drinking a hot cocoa with my cozy blankets and a big layer of snow outside, is an of my favorite best coziness thing in the world.

Third photo: One of my favorite cozy current moment also, it’s wrapping myself in my cozy blankets and listening the “Relaxing Guitar playlist” in my App Calm.


First and second photos: These photos has been took in the same time, it was during that a lot of snow was again in my backyard and an afternoon I went to make Mickey Mouse snowballs, I wear in first time light gloves and after a few minutes my fingers were so cold. I grabbed my camera for the theme cold. And after I switched to my ski gloves to warm me up.


First and second photos: The two first ones has been took in the same time but it’s a different views from the apartment in the mountains that I got when I was on a Winter/Ski Adventure last week (I could talk more about soon). Trees covered by snow are my favorite landscape in the world. Right! It’s matched on the same theme that the white theme for my photography challenge, it was a bit an evidence that I use these white landscapes for this theme.

Third photo: The last photo was actually not took with my camera but my iPhone, but white snow under my ski, I wanted to place it in the recap of this weekly theme.

That wraps this very first weekly photos recap from my photography challenge! Thanks for stopping by!


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