Wednesdays Talk: Plans Summer Vacation.


It’s Wednesdays Talk.


The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life.




In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk of… summer vacation and plans.


Summer vacation are generally family vacation, I go with my parents and sister on a trip.

Last year, we were on the east coast of Corsica.


Since that I’m a child summer vacation destinations it was beach trips because my parents loves go on the beach trips. I love beach vacation, this summer is a beach vacation again but seriously a day I would like choose another trip that beach for summer. I don’t know since I’m little summer vacation sounds with beach vacation, I love that but sometimes later in my adult life I would test another trips that beach for summer vacation.


My plans for this summer family vacation trip is full with a lot of things with my family or without… I want continue to take up my autonomy, go out or to do something when my parents are sleeping by example. Last year, I loved walk at 09h00am alone on the beach, this year I want that again.


For plans my summer vacation I write all on some lists,… I have a lot of things planned.


Do you take summer vacation out of your town? What are your plans about?


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