Wednesdays Talk: Introduction to my blog

It’s Wednesdays Talk.

The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life. Today, it’s first link of 2018 hosted and I’m excited.

This month, there is only one wednesday link because I was on a break on the first of the month.


I started this blog there is one and half year ago and there is new followers on the blog so I decided to do a re-introduction of my blog for the further followers.




I’m a 21 years old girl with a lot of mental disorders, principally borderline disorder, depression, anxiety, anorexia and eating disorders, ocd, panic disorder and lack of independence…in 2017 I progressed a lot about my lack of independence, I can henceforth walk and go out alone in streets contrariwise to before, I have always anxiety but I can do it.

I have created this blog there is one and half year ago, wahoo!!! I started to do it because I love reading some blogs and after a lot of thinking I told me that can be a help in my mental health, when I started I will not have thinking that one and half year later I could to do it again and I LOVE TO DO IT.

I love so much blogging, my blog is a lifestyle blog of one mental disorders person among a lot, I blog my everyday life with my mental problems, my goals, my ideas, what things help me, recipes, my travel, how I feel about that or that, ok, that’s my blog.


Blogging helps me a lot in my mental health… that permits me of following my goals with regularity with as my life lately or reviews that permits hand over me… of see what is wrong in my everyday goals what help me, etc… and of makes something everyday when I’m depressed that permits me do not passing 24H sleeping in my bed but go out and devoted times for makes my blog.

I blog from Monday to Friday and same sometimes in the week end. Ok, that resume of what is my blog! A lifestyle, everyday mental health blog.

I love blogging, it’s a such much help in my mental health and recovery.


To find me and follow my everyday life of recovery here with my blog and on Instagram, Mix Borderline and Anorexic Facebook, Mix Borderline and Anorexic Pinterest. And you want talk, tell your story about mental health or if you have any questions or want to chat you can email me at

Have an amazing day!




French girl, photographer, disneyland lover, lifestyle blogger with complex ptsd.

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