Wednesdays Talk: Easter Things.

It’s Wednesdays Talk.

The first and third wednesday of every month, I host a link up where I talk about things of in my life.



In today Wednesdays Talk’s post I will talk about all some easter things.


Easter is a of my favorite time of the year since I’m a little kid.

When I was little, I was excited the easter morning to run and find the eggs (chocolate and plastic:)) in the garden of my home. It was my favorite tradition.

Since, I grew up, I did not anymore search eggs in the garden on easter mornings. But…


I love baskets full of eggs.

I love to put easter touches in my bedroom and in the rest of home, it’s the opportunity to turn off the winter decorations and welcome to spring decorations.

My DSLR is no longer alone on the shelf.

Mini chocolate eggs and a rabbit.

I bought fake little eggs for add to my easter decorations the other days, I gave one to my cat for see if he loves it and if it interests by him… he has so much fun with the egg, he runs with, when he puts him accidentally under a furniture, he searching it after he looks everywhere for found him. I’m so happy that my cat is excited about that!

Do you know some easter movies? It’s hard to found a fun easter movie, I founded the “The Dog Who Saved Easter” movie, it’s the same that “The Dog Who Saved Christmas” movie or the few others like Halloween,… always with Zeus and the Bannister family and with the same two bad guys. I love this movie almost more that those of christmas. Another easter movie that I have just recently discovered and I watched him on Netflix for the first time on sunday afternoon, this is “Hop”. He is a so much fun easter movie also, I will watch it again few times. I’m looking for others easter movies, do you have any suggestions? #eastermovies


I have also created a Pinterest Board just for Easter Things, found HERE.

It was a little talk about easter.

See you tomorrow.




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