Wednesdays Talk: Annual Book Photos

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I’m a photographer and with this blog I take again more a lot of photos, I have four sources for photos, iPhone, DSLR, GoPro and DJI Spark, organize all in my MacBook is already a challenge but second challenge was found one solution for keep some of all my photos printed and not only digital, it was in 2016, a day I found the perfect way to organize my photos out of digital way.

Why it was hard to found? I wanted of course a solution for the long term but also and above all a way for organize my photos clearly, organized and that’s rest minimalist.

I choose to Annual Book Photos. What is it exactly Annual Book Photos? All photos from 1st January to 31st December of the same year in the same book…ok inside the books I organize by months, I write each months and I did by travels also, I can add texts with photos but I stay in minimalist way.

That’s my perfect way of my printed photos, I love it.

I started to create him online in august where I create the book with the first six months of the year, in november I created a part again and beginning of this year I finished and order him the first few days of january.


I worked some hours on the books for created them and it’s a investment in money but I prefer invest in that have some photos printed everywhere.





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