TV Shows Help in Depression

Really a TV Show can you take in a other world, today I show you what TV Shows help me in my Depression time. I do not watching a very lot of TV Shows, OK, others can be fun they are not in the list.

Today, I show you my favorites TV Shows which help me when I’m in depression times, they give me a little good/sweet/ outside this hard world times, they are fun or just a reason for that you devote the time to watch them just to him and not to all your depression thoughts, they are just here with a little help time, I do not watching a lot of Tv Shows because when I love one I love watching him and devote to him and do not mix with so much others, of the blow, I do not have a very lot of Tv Shows to my active.



You are a OCD person! you do not feel alone anymore if you watch MONK, I love this Tv Show too cause M. Monk is a good help for the police and has resolved a lot of surverys, that show which this is not cause you have Mental Health which you are a useless person.



This is the best. This duo is SO.FUN and you cannot not laugh when you watch that, just because of that you can pass a good time when you watching him. This one is on my TOP of Tv Show that I watched the most these few last years.



This is a other type of Tv Show, he is not comedy/laugh Tv Show whatever sometimes in the repliques of the actor, we can to have some good laugh. NCIS is a of my favorite Tv Show and I’m a little sad of all these actors exit of the Show, but ok, I have decided to continue to watching him for this time (I love watching old seasons too with Cote De Pablo) this Tv Show is particularly captivate you to follow and understand the investigation in the episode, during this time you cannot thinking to how hard you find the things.


Malcolm in the Middle

OohH! This crazy family, I watched a lot during my teen age and in my depression times, it is so fun this Tv Show and you are sure of pass a laugh time below him, I have already sit for watching 6-7 episodes in the roll, after in my head I laughed again.



This friends gang is a of best, same if in real what it happens inside do not happening in the real life, you take the best time to laugh during watching. I believe I have never laughed much times that in a episodes of only 20 minutes. THIS IS THE BEST GANG and LAUGH TIME in TV.


Modern Family

This TV Show I love it, the combo of three differents opposite types families inside, I love it. You can just have a laughing time. It can just be a evidence with all emmy awards she wons in Comedy Series in 8 years. This is the best family TV Show!!!


Here these are my Helping TV Shows in Depression period for take me in a little other world and they give me a sweet/good time of that. I have others favorites TV Shows but these I found the best for when you are in Depression and that you need just a good little time.





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