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Well! Why always doing friday favorites, I wanted to do a tuesday favorites, rather. It’s a while that I haven’t shared some favorites. Lately, I got a ton of favorites. Because for the first time in forever, I bought a lot of things in November. Yep, Ok! If you follow me since awhile you know that I’m minimalist and I buy myself almost nothing. But this month with two trips canceled at Disneyland Paris until the end of the year and this second lockdown, I decided that I could enjoy myself to buy a few things. It’s pretty cool! But in real, I’m ready again to buy myself nothing anymore and place all my money in Disneyland Paris. It was a fun to buy myself some things but it’s not my lifestyle. But I’m pretty happy of this experience, it helps to intensify my mind set to place money on trips and not things. When it could be possible! Let’s sharing these favorites, I have a ton!

First thing, if you read my lockdown edition posts, you have written that I tried to take the more possible down the time that I spend on social media and screens times, because I noticed it’s better for my mental health, and again more in this new lockdown. Right! I was so in the mood of board games. I love these times of board games! I haven’t a lot of board games, but I’m doing a lot of puzzles, and in miss of Disneyland Paris during christmas season, for the first time I created myself a puzzle with a christmas themed Main Street USA photo that I took last year, I created it on PhotoBox. It’s really so cool to create a puzzle yourself. A photo puzzle can be a perfect gift for Christmas also. I bought a new set of Lego with this set from the Friends tv show, I loved building it. My favorite game of this month, it’s this game called Gravitrax. I love it so much! And I love spend time to building some tracks. It’s so fun! And one last game. I love this Quadrillion. I love reflexion games in general and this one is amazing, I want spend all my time on it.

The Christmas season at Disneyland Paris got canceled at the last minutes. Right! I had the want to buy some Disney christmas themed clothes. Usually, I don’t buy christmas themed clothes, but this year I bought this Mickey christmas sweater, this Mickey christmas pajamas, and I bought a red jogging from Superdry. They are so soft! I love them!

I bought myself two books also. This one Disney christmas storybook collection. I wanted to read Disney christmas themed stories. And a more important this little Grow Through It book. In October, I discovered @positevelypresent on Instagram and I loved his work, and I loved his idea to grow up like the seasons because it’s exactly what I feel. Right! When I saw that he just mades a book, I checked the Amazon France if I can find it. I was so happy because I found it! It was not again officially out and it’s took three weeks for that I got it because it was shipped from UK and with the lockdown between UK and France. But right! I love this book! I can find so many inspiriting and motivating pages, even related to this new lockdown.

One last recently favorite. Disneyland Paris with the park closed is making a virtual advent calendar on their website At Home Disneyland Paris who have created during the first lockdown early this year. I’m excited! Thanks Disneyland Paris!


Well! I think that’s wrap my current favorites. That’s a lot! Right! Thanks for stopping by!


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