This was a good… NCIS episode.

Hi! I’m going to speak of a NCIS episode that… I love it.


I say often in my life lately, friday favorites, what’s up without food that I watching some Tv Shows including NCIS.

I’m french, I live in France, so the diffusion is a little different of USA or Canada, Switzerland, the France is with a little big delay in diffusion (it’s always like this with US Tv Shows) they do also of big sometimes hole to few months in the middle of the new seasons. The season 14 has started to be on air in April 2017, stopped in June 2017 with the episode 07 of season 14… the first september the new episodes started to be on air, in june the stop was to episode 7, in september has started with the episode 8, NCIS is on air the fridays in France. The past friday the episode 13 was on air.


I have a lot of episodes which I love in NCIS, but this episode 13 of season 14 was special cause he spokes of suicide and these last times I’m in depression side.


Why I love?


I loved the courage of Jimmy who went on the edge of building for talk to the young man.

I loved, he has so much tried all things for tried to do talk the young man and to convince him.

All others who went tried to find the guilty during that Jimmy talk with him.

The flashbacks in Jimmy’s life, it was so good cause all was in the hard parts of her life and everyone tried to help him.

I loved when Ducky told to Jimmy “if you’re going through hell, keep going” in French language its ” quand tu traverse l’enfer, ne t’arrête pas”. It can to have a lot of sense but it’s hard to do that.


It was a lot visible which this young man didn’t wanted to suicide, he wanted just stop suffering.

I founded the NCIS team do one a good job for help him.


That was a talk of a loving NCIS episode.



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