These Little Projects At Home

Well! With Disneyland Paris and ski lifts closed, I spend all the time lockdown at home. In this way, I tried to find some home projects, particularly in my bedroom. I could spend again a lot of times in the home, in sight that we could maybe go in a 3rd lockdown in a few days, that Disneyland Paris reopening is delayed to April 2, and maybe longer, and that officially the ski season this year is canceled because the French gouvernment refuses to open ski lifts.

I found that it was a necessity to find home projects now, because be lockdown at home now is not the same than in April 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic where it was a bit ok. In France, everything is closed since October 29, 2020 and nothing could probably open before Easter, even longer. That it means that the current closures could be longer this second time that during the first time at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s hit me hard psychologically!

To support a bit better do not be able to have outdoor projects, I found a necessity to go in some home projects. I got some home projects since a long time, but before the pandemic I invested me in travel and not home projects. In waiting that the situation is calmer and things a bit more open in France, I try now to invest me in home projects.

Since the beginning of the year, I accomplished two projects already and I’m pretty happy about. The idea of these home projects is to feel me the more comfortable and the best during and for trying to pass mentally all these multiples lockdowns and long closures.


It’s a few long months that I felt not good at my desk. In reality since we moved in the house, two years ago, I never really felt me good at my desk. I used it almost never, I’m working and doing desk things in my bed because I felt not good. Back in October, I changed of desk chair with one that I felt more comfortable. I started to love sit down at my desk and I felt so good with this new chair. I love it! But something was wrong again. I finally analyzed that it was the color of my desk. All the white! I felt not good to sit down and work on all this white. I had now one wood color idea in head and I started to look on another desk. But I loved nothing when I looked. In reality, I love this desk from IKEA but it was just all the white, the problem.

I finally chosen do not change my desk but simply use one wood decorative adhesive. After to have took a few days to found the good wood color that I wanted, I found the perfect on Amazon. Right! After to have took down the Christmas decor, I launched me and done this change. In first time, I wanted to change all the desk with the adhesive when I looked on Internet I saw a lot of furnitures mixed of white and wood, so I chosen to change only the color of the top and let the rest in white. It was the right thing to do! I absolutely love my desk right now! I’m sitting much more and I love sit down at my desk, it’s makes me feel good. When I’m working on my laptop, when I’m doing art and more. I spend a lot less of time in my bed and more on my desk now.


Another home project that I got it was redecorate my two shelves. Right! I waited to take down the Christmas decor that I had on it also to make this project. I just finished it a few days ago. I took days to work on it but I absolutely love it now. I placed on it my new LEGO Art Mickey Mouse, some Disneyland Paris photo books, with my more recent special photo book about Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant, that I shared this week here and few simple decorative objects and some current books who have positive effects on my mental health. It’s makes me feel good to look on these shelves right now!


Not totally home project but done at home! You have maybe noticed recently when you are on my blog that I changed of design. Yes, I do! I don’t loved the old kind of blog design that I had related to what I wanted to share on it. Right! I changed. I worked about 35 hours to make this design me because I used a complete customizable theme. It was crazy! It was hard but I loved spend so much time to create this design me. A cool project! I love so much more now when I look on my blog than before.

I feel good to have realized these home project because I feel better in my bedroom now but also because it was a long time that I had the ideas but never worked on it. Now, I have like little home projects, rearrange my board above my desk, the books on my nightstand, organize better my drawer where I keep my photography materials and maybe add a mirror in my bedroom, because I don’t have one. And after I don’t know if I have any other projects again. I could see!

Before I don’t realized home projects really because I travelled, now with the lockdowns, I realized home projects because I can’t traveling. Maybe after I could travel soon again. Right! If you’re in a country who use lockdowns also, do you take advantage of this time to realize home projects? Thanks for stopping by!


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