Therapeutic “SOLO” Trips

When I was young I never did school trips or trips with my friends, my parents did not wanted left me go on a trip without them. After, my social anxiety has come and in my teen age I finished by even more going outside alone in cause of my phobias and anxiety. I was not going outside anywhere outside same for going to a store at 5 minutes of my house, I was going outside only with my parents… with all everything that happens of bad in the world in more of my simple anxiety and social anxiety, I finished by to have fear to going outside also by fear to be assaulted.

I managed to work hard with the help of my psychiatrist on all these anxiety in 2017, I can go outside alone, ok, my anxiety are always here but last year I could started to manage to go outside alone. I think that anyway my anxiety will not able of disappear completely with all things happens in this world.


It’s last year also that I started my “therapeutic alone trips” and it’s thanks to them that I managed to going alone outside now. I can walk, going in a store around my house, since november I can henceforth going to my psychiatrist visits with fifty minutes go and back of train ALONE. It’s so good! I have my anxiety that are some days more intense that other days but I can do it like even. I love that. It’s myself who had the idea for this ALONE trips, my mom is not very positive about because she has not the habit of left me alone on a trip… but my psychiatrist is very positive for these trips and she encourages me for to do them. I’m so happy of that.

My very first therapeutic alone trip, it was on June 13th 2017, it consisted to do a trip on the same day in plane from the airport near of my home until my favorite city. NICE in france. Nice is at about one hour of flight from my city, I already did before this trip several times with my parents for going on vacation, so, I know the way, the airports,… I was not lost. I did the first flight in the morning and the flight back home in evening, I’m stay in waiting seven hours in Nice airport but it was cool and I fight my anxiety for the first time in my life alone very far of my home. All about this trip in a post HERE. I did the same thing again on August 31st 2017 and all about my feeling and review of this second alone trip HERE.

 A Skip Day {Edition June 2017}.

A Skip Day {Edition August 2017}.


In the beginning of this new year, I already had in my mind that I wanted pass to the next step for this coming year. Not anymore just a trip in planes and stay in airport. In february, I started to book for april my first 2018 therapeutic alone trip and I chosen a bigger trip this time.


Ok, always Nice on french riviera destination, this time I chose to going outside of home alone on a trip  including one day complety outside with two sleeps in Nice. My departure time is on morning of April 10, I have my flight and on the beginning of afternoon April 12, I have my flight back home from Nice. I planned this trip for stay completely 24 hours outside of home. That’s a big trip, I’m scared myself but I want do it.

I know Nice city, she is my favorite city in France, I already did 4-5 trips over there with my family. I will not to be lost on streets and I can walk without plan also.


On a first big alone trip with two sleeps outside of home, I know what I want to do, I just planned what I wanted to do, I do not want stay in the hotel room two days, I planned some things that I already did when I was in Nice with my mom and dad and that I loved to do and that I want to do again and I planned one or two new things that I never to do again but that I want to do and I want fight my anxiety.

This trip is now in less of one month, I started now also to thinking for my others therapeutic alone trips on the rest of the year. I thinking, I have some ideas but not fixed again completely, it’s in process and I love so much look and book for my next therapeutic alone trips, it’s so good in my brain.


The countdown for my first big alone trip has begun and the app of my flights indicate again 27 days before departure at this hour for my trip. I’m anxious in reality in cause of my anxiety but I’m so excited also and I want to do it.


I embark on the adventure.




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