The Work To Insight Emotions

I have a lot of emotions lately. I had many different emotions (in more that my usually) since the beginning of this pandemic. Going in a first strict lockdown, opening back the country and after a few months come back in a lockdown. Since this new lockdown who has started on October 29, I had again many more emotions. And something of special happened. I don’t even know how talk about! It’s so new for me! I’m every day in a work to insight a lot of my emotions. I seriously don’t know how it happens. It started when the second lockdown has started in France. At this moment, I got two emotions, shocked for some reasons, and heartbreaking about Disneyland Paris closure again. After a few days, I managed to calm these two emotions and particularly the second one, what has probably helped me is when the president of Disneyland Paris has shared a few words on his Instagram stories about the heartbreaking of this situation and hope for the future and to keep going in the Disneyland Paris family community all together to face this new park closure. It’s helped me! Since that these emotions are calmed, I got a lot of things who get clearly in my mind about a lot of others emotions. I have done nothing of special, all is come in my mind alone. It’s like almost every day I understand a new emotion and from where she comes and it’s let me the time to explore now how I could work better with it. I have stopped to count how many emotions I insight. Although, I ask me if it’s could be better that I write them down, so many they are. I understand so many emotions since the beginning of the month. I don’t know what happens and it’s crazy! The only thing that I know is that this work to insight my emotions has started with this second lockdown in France and Disneyland Paris second closure. It’s together! Since October 29, (beginning of the second lockdown) I had many emotions who passing by my mind, some negative, some positive. And I’m pretty impressive by the numbers of positive emotions. It’s really special! I have never before felt some negative and positive emotions and many different in the same time. I discovered a few emotions that I didn’t know before and who could give me some negative notes in daily life. This new lockdown brings me in a stage to learn and understand the insight of my emotions like never before. It’s crazy to me, I never really understand my emotions before. I don’t really know what happens. The fact that I can’t go outside at this moment, I’m reflecting to my past trips this year. And during this reflect times, the insight of many of my emotions is discovered. This feeling is just crazy! I have some work to understand some emotions who are not insight to me again, I don’t know if I could understand them before the end of the year. But I’m currently just impressive how I insight for the first time so many emotions. That’s crazy! And aside to insight some emotions, I’m in the work to see how I could deal better with these emotions. What hard and crazy work it is! If you currently dealing to understand your emotions, I could to tell to stay calm and wait, you could finally understand them! Thanks for stopping by!   0


French girl, photographer, disneyland lover, lifestyle blogger with complex ptsd.

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