The Way To One Year Of Practice Meditation

Early this month mark one year that I started to practice regularly meditation. What a ride!


I remember it was one week before a trip at Disneyland Paris. I saw the 7 days- free on the app Calm and I wanted to launch me to try it. I don’t know why exactly! I subscribed to the 7 days-free and after trying to practice simple meditations daily during this week. I felt something of good and that it’s could brings me something of good. Right! After 7 days-free, I bought the annual subscription to the app Calm.


Practice meditation is unlinear, again more when you are starting and it’s adding difficult when you have mental health like depression or C-PTSD. It’s really hard starting meditation and take a daily practice. It’s impossible for me to practice 365 days. My meditation practice planning is related directly to my mental health of the moment. Some days, months, it’s can be easy to keep practicing daily. Some times, it’s can happening that I haven’t managed to practice daily, and sometimes it’s happened that I haven’t practiced during weeks in the row because my mental health was so hard that I haven’t managed to practice, even if I tried.

The hardest thing about practice meditation is my flashbacks. It’s can totally disrupt my meditation sessions. Or makes me want to stop practice meditation because it’s can increase them when they are very powerful. When my mind is calm it’s can easy let my flashbacks introduce faster and like practice meditation is for calming the mind, it’s can easily be hard on this side. During these circumstances, I try to switch on the different guided meditations in the app, sometimes switch from one guided meditation to another can works, sometimes not.

Often, in the guided meditations a reminder is here to tell you that practice meditation daily is not perfect and linear, and I think that it’s what helped to continues when I have some hard times to practice, particularly related to my flashbacks who disrupt my sessions. Tools are given you in the sessions when you are disrupted by things during your sessions. It’s really helpful, mostly when you are a beginner, but for me it’s doesn’t work every times. But it’s can!

Practiced meditation is passed by different positions or places. From lay down on my bed to sit down on the floor, from at home to in front of the Castle at Disneyland Paris during sunset. During this one year, I practiced meditation differently, some I preferred, some I don’t loved, some makes practice meditation easier, particularly when I have a hard time to practice because of my mental health. Find the perfect position or places, this is really an exploration about what works the best for you.

I’m pretty proud like even because my meditation stats over the past year are of a total of 340 sessions, 138h 35 mins of mindful minutes and the longest streak where I practice daily is of 52 days in the row between April 3, to May 24, 2020.


Meditation practiced regularly can definitively be helpful. It’s such a good tool for anxiety (I previously talked a bit about here). It’s don’t always helps me on a daily basis when my mental health and particularly C-PTSD hits me hard psychologically. But even in these times, I find that it’s helping me in a hidden part of me. It’s a bit complicated to example.


Meditation is such one thing to add in your life that you have mental health or not. I highlight recommend the app Calm that I use, from guided meditations to sleep stories, relaxing music and more, it’s such a beautiful complete app and I love so much Tamara Levitt for my meditations and sleep stories. If you are a beginner, I highlight recommend to buy the book Calm, directly related about the app. It’s such a good tool in the same time, you learn more about meditations and tools to help you to practice meditation.

Do you practice meditation? What are your favorite tips to practice meditation when you deal with mental illness aside? Thanks for stopping by!

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