The Nutcracker and The Four Realms

Last night, I was at the cinema. This is my first time since a long time. The last time when I went at the cinema it was in 2012. Right! And in my life, I was about 4 times only! I think I must go more often! Right? Well! In the beginning of November when I was on the internet for searching stuffs about Christmas, I saw a new movie about Nutcracker who releases. Every Christmas in movies that I watch I hear talk about Nutcracker, but I never see something about. I even never read a story about before this month. But it interested me and this Christmas season I want to learn about Nutcracker! I saw that this movie releases in USA November 2. In France, it’s released yesterday. Last night, I took the way of the cinema. I was not anxious despite that the last time, it was a long time ago and my not-knowing about cinema like I go really rarely, I was excited but I had fear about how I could feel in a cinema room during 1h40 to watching a movie because I watch in my bed generally the movies. Right! My bed is better. But! It was cool to see a movie on a really big screen.


On the eve of Christmas, Clara, a little girl, wanting a unique key who can unlock a box that holds an invaluable gift from her deceased mother. At the research of this key, she enters in a strange and magical land she meets a soldier, a group of mice and try to recover the key.

Well! I loved the movie. I do not watch generally these kinds of movies so I was good to change and discover another thing. I saw my first Nutcracker movie! I loved the amazing beautiful takes! So amazing! And I loved the scenes in the Christmas trees land! Clara is determined to take back this key and do whatever for. I think, it’s this story that I loved! To see the determination of someone helps me to find in myself determination to reach what I want in life. It was a good movie for my mental health! I highly recommend to go see it.

Cinema. To add at the to-do list in 2019.




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