The most EASY Cream Cheese Frosting

Since a few years, I love to eat cakes with cream cheese frosting (cream cheese because with butter I do not feel good in my stomach). I started to bake cakes with cream cheese frosting and if the cakes themselves were successful, the cream cheese frosting was always a disaster. I have always continued to try to training me in my cream cheese frosting and trying always some new recipes for finding the best. THE RESULT WAS ALWAYS THE SAME DISASTER!


However after trying, trying again and again, I finish by finding a good cream cheese frosting recipe. ADDED TO THAT IT’S THE MOST EASY CREAM CHEESE FROSTING THAT I NEVER DID. Among all recipes that I already tested. THIS RECIPE IS ALSO SO FAST TO DO, SAME NOT 5 MINUTES. This recipe does not include of butter AND a cream cheese frosting without butter I found that it’s better than with butter. SO LIGHT, GOOD, SMOOTH.

This quantity in the recipe made for 6 cupcakes.


250g Cream Cheese (Philadelphia) – at room temperature.

100g Icing Sugar.

1/2 Tsp Vanilla extract.


In a medium bowl place cream cheese, icing sugar, and vanilla together and with an electric batter mix all well until it’s smooth.


If it’s not the time for serve right now, keep the bowl in the refrigerator. Decorate and apply frosting on cool cupcakes or cakes.





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