The Empty in BPD

The empty is declared in BPD symptoms.


The feeling of emptiness can be something of extremely hard to support.


You feel a hole black who start to settle it in the middle of your body (around heart more particularly), you feel bad sometimes he start slowly and sometimes more fast but to finally you feel in illness, trouble, difficulty, wrong to be as like. You want just that this “feeling of emptiness” Stop, RIGHT NOW!!!


You want that this hole black get OUT now of your body and that you feel better in your body and head with a big light, a lots of projects, found things that can help you and stop the “feeling of emptiness”.


I have no founded particularly solution for get out “feeling of emptiness” of me when I have it and I will like.


The Empty in Borderline Personality Disorder’s post.



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  1. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog, first of all. Secondly, I am very impressed by your English and by your blog! It’s beautifully put together. I know exactly what you mean by “the empty”. I do not have borderline personality disorder, but bipolar disorder is accompanied by the same kinds of feelings. The way that I get “the empty” to go away is through meditation. It really helps me to take deep breaths, focus on the pain, acknowledge it, and then will it away. Hopefully this helps you. Happy blogging, my friend. 🙂

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