The Dark Side Of Routines

Here we go! Yesterday, the France has started her first phase of reopening the country. If you follow me on Instagram, you could have saw that I shared my feelings about it. Who are rather anxiety! I’m feel anxious about this first phase of reopening, how it could works and is a second wave of the virus could comes. The results of this first phase of reopening could also be directly tell when Disneyland Paris could opens. And that’s anxious me a lot! In more, I live in the city where the situation with the Coronavirus is the more complicated and if today, we can go out from the house without a signed authorization and until 100km around the house. If the virus himself does not anxious me in first, now I feel anxious about the virus and to go out. That’s special! But it’s not with I want to talk about in this post, even if it’s something that I learned during the lockdown and do not be able to go at Disneyland Paris (aka my therapy place).

Going at Disneyland Paris has multiple reasons why it’s therapeutic to me (I shared my principal reasons in a post before), but I maybe find a new important reason, I had this feeling since a few months but during the lockdown and do not be able to go at Disneyland Paris and when I searched what tools could help me to survive with my C-PTSD, I really learned more about this feeling.



NO! I haven’t specially of problem to include daily routines in my life.

But! I noticed that daily routines can be bad for my mental health, c-ptsd and anxiety. I realized even that it’s can increase my flashbacks. I know that for multiple reasons daily routines can be good for the mental health. But I’m here to think with my experiences that too much routines can be bad also.

At home, I have some specific routines because of my anxiety. I noticed that keep in these routines can increase again more my anxiety and flashbacks on the short and long terms.

When I’m at Disneyland Paris, I can to have some routines but I’m more flexible. It’s can change every day! I plan my days when I go at Disneyland Paris, what I want to do,… but I haven’t really of big routines where I do the same things in the row every day, at special times. When I’m at Disneyland Paris, I go even at the opposite of my home routines.

Example: at home, I can be showered and in pajamas before 08h00 pm if not it’s anxious me but during a trip at Disneyland Paris, it’s the time generally where I watch the night time show and I’m not back at the hotel before 10h00 pm. I feel better when I bypass this home routine. That’s an example but this is about my Disneyland kind of day that I have less of routines. I think that’s tell a lot because in my recent self discovery post, I written that my idea kind of days are these that I have at Disneyland Paris.

I think to have less or almost not daily routines during my days at Disneyland Paris, this a big thing who makes that my days there are therapeutic. I can’t believe it with everywhere peoples who told that routines are good BUT I believe that today it’s my situation. It’s probably the biggest thing that I learned during this lockdown.

When I learned that not to have routines during my days at Disneyland Paris was maybe an of the thing who helped me the more, I tried at home. One or two days, even one week I tried to fight some of my usual routines at home that I haven’t at Disneyland Paris. And effectively, I noticed that to have less routines were better.

The deal, I haven’t been able to continue because I haven’t the same life at home and in travel, and unconsciously I’m fall back into my routines. Because my home place is something who anxious me more than a place far from home.



It’s let less of the place at my flashbacks and anxiety to settle down than when I do the same things every day at the same hours, my flashbacks and anxiety know it in advance and they know that it’s a time where they could easily settle down.

Ok! When I’m at Disneyland Paris my days are made of 20 times of things in more than at home but do not let me in some routines, and that it’s change every day. I have the feeling to have more explored and lived fully each day. Not in doing the same things.


I think that to have routines can be useful in daily life. But too much on every things of daily life can makes the anxiety again bigger. I think that find a golden mean is good. Right! It’s something that I’m absolutely not able to do with my current depression situation because I haven’t access to my therapy place since two months and I’m not sure when I could go back. It’s a difficult situation currently!

I try every day to change some details to my routines, and it’s works good on my flashbacks and anxiety but I’m currently not able, I haven’t the physical force to change or take off routines like when I’m at Disneyland Paris.

Like told before, I think routines are important also because if not when you’re in depression you do nothing. But in my afternoon art therapy routine. My routine is only to do art therapy in the afternoon because it’s helps me but I haven’t of place where of precise hours to do it. Sometimes, I can do it on my desk, on my bed or outside when it’s hot and sometimes, it’s can be at 2h00 pm and sometimes at 4h00 pm. Or again, I can right after to be showered at 08h00 pm watching a movie rather than in my original night time routine, it’s at 09h00 pm that I start a movie. It’s the hour that french peoples start to watch movie. In the current situation, I try to do some mini-changes.


Tell me your stories about routines! Is it good for you or not? And until what level? Thanks for stopping by!




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  1. I heard that Disneyland Shanghai has just started its first phase of reopening. Hopefully their experience will help other Disneyland locations with their reopening.

    • It was a joy to watching the ceremony opening of Shanghai Disneyland. It sure, the experiences who are currently doing, it could help for other Disney parks around the world.

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