The BEST Tool For Anxiety

Today, I will talk about the BEST tool that I found after years of living with anxiety! This tool doesn’t making disappear anxiety completely of your life, I always deal daily with anxiety, particularly the anxiety related to my C-PTSD but it helped me a lot to manage on the anxiety not related to my C-PTSD. It helps to CALM and manage BETTER the anxiety!


I already a bit tried meditation by the past but I was not specially involved inside and I stopped it. Back in February, it was a few days before I’m leaving home for my monthly trip to Disneyland Paris. I decided to download and try the 7 days free course of the app Calm. I started with a few simple guided meditations. I was surprised how much ton of different meditations for different situations and even some sleep stories are in this app. It is really a complet meditation app! On this 7 days free course, I tried to test a few different and I fixed me the goal to do it every day. I have managed my goal! And at the end of the 7 days, I started to have a positive effect inside of me and on some of my feelings. Between the positive effect and the fact that I found this app really complet, at the end of the free 7 days, I decided to buy me the annual subscription for 45€.

It’s something that I’m doing never, buy subscriptions like that! For tell, I have never was able to renew my Deezer subscription after the free course because I do not wanted to pay for it, last month I also canceled my Netflix subscription because I watched two things in the month and I was annoying to pay for it. Right! I really bought this annual suscription because I felt that it’s something who can work and helped me.

I try to practice regularly from 4 days by week to every day, it’s depending! On the last week of February and on the first week of March, because I was so bad mental health because of symptoms of my C-PTSD that I was not able to do it one single day. I started back during my Disneyland Paris trip in March.

It’s not always easy to keep practicing depending of my mental health state but I think and clearly noticed that it’s by practicing regularly and not only one day by month that meditation can really be helpful.

Ok! My meditation pose is not the right on the photo really. I’m rather lay down under my cozy blankets on my bed. It’s the pose that I feel the better to practice meditation right now! And it’s working! Depending again of my mental health state and of the fact that it’s not helping my anxiety related to my C-PTSD, but sometimes (not every time and sometimes they even given me troubles during my meditation sessions) during I’m practicing meditation, it can helping to calm my flashbacks. It’s really good these sessions! I’m using a guided meditation on the mornings and a sleep meditation to help to fall asleep at nights.

Take a time and concentrate you on your breathe gives calm and can improve the productivity on the rest of the day when it’s practiced on the mornings.

Right now my favorite meditations in the app Calm are the 15 minutes Calming Anxiety, 35 minutes Deep Sleep and Mindful Walking that I love to use to mentally walking in Disneyland Paris when I’m home and to trying reduce my flashbacks when they are powerful because walking in Disneyland Paris is something that I love and reduce a lot my flashbacks in real so I try to mentally reproduce some Disneyland walks when I’m not in the park.

I fell in love with the app Calm so I decided to buy the book Calm also to discovery if they can brings me something and some helps. It’s a really good book to accompany the app. There is a lot of tips to calm your mind and some exercices to practice. It’s a really good book!

A thing that I really noticed, it’s by practicing regularly that meditation can helping on anxiety and depression. Right! At this moment, like told previous I haven’t found a really helpful source for my C-PTSD. Are you practicing meditation? Or have you already tried? Do you find it helpful?


This post is not a sponsored post for the app Calm.



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