Sunday's Ski

Hi! Well, well, yesterday I had a awesome time to skiing.

This was only my second time of skiing, my first was in january, here. I’m launched in ski alone the first time and the second time yesterday also with no help, expect things that I already heard, I just listening a lot of videos on internet, some other peoples who are skiing also.

The weather, yesterday was not good, this was snowing (yeah! it’s mountain), there was a lot of fogs and winds… but it did not stop me. I loved.


This was really a awesome time yesterday and I progressed a lot:

1. I can now to do turns.

2. I can keep my ski in french fries.

3. I can slip a ski down without try always to control the speed to put the ski in pizza.


Let’s recap of this awesome (second) ski time.

Before put my ski, I asked myself how this time I could managed but I had a goal “manage to do turns”.

A really lot of fogs but after few minutes to get used to be on ski, I took my first ski slope, if I started with ski in pizza, I rapidly tried to put my ski in french fries and to do turns, I surprise myself I managed slowly all that. I’m so proud of me. Let’s see this day in photos now.

I did seven ski slopes. #justawesome

The weather did not stoped me.

It was my time and I loved.

And… it’s ready for my last ski slope of the day.

That was just a awesome time and with a lot of progress, I want again to do ski, again. I love that.

Take the way of back home with snowing and beautiful view with snow trees.

In a car just eat a sugar donut and drink a hot chocolate.

That’s wrap this wonderful time of my second ski day.


See first ski time HERE.

See what I feel about my mental disorders when I do ski HERE.

See you tomorrow.



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