Summer Watching List

In the summer I try to spend most of my time outside but I’m a lover of watching tv shows or movies on a cooler day. My watching list is a little different in summer than the rest of the year, even if my very favorite tv shows I can watching them summer like winter, some others I feel the feeling to watching them only in summer. During this summer season what I want to do the more is watching a few movies. This year, I went on Netflix and Prime Video and I decided to do a little list of what movies I wanted to watch during the season. I don’t know why but I love watching movies with lakes during the summer season. Ok! In this list, there are some movies that I maybe already watched or some new that I want to watch. And because I continue to watching tv shows, I share my favorite tv shows to watching in the summer season. It’s a little list because I want to spend a lot of time outside and a little time to watching.


Beethoven 2.

Grown Ups.

Grown Ups 2.

Cheaper By Dozen 2.

The Parents Trap.


Summer Camp.

Malibu Rescue.

The Last Summer.




Hawaii 5-0.

NCIS Los Angeles.


Plus, I want to watch The Lion King & The Jungle Book movies before going on my day at Disneyland Paris because it’s The Lion King & Jungle Festival during the summer over the park and I never watched these movies. It was a look on my summer watching list! I will try to spend the max of time outside but I love binge watching also. What is your favorite movie & tv show to watch in the summer?



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