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Two weeks ago, the summer season started to be here. Sun was here, the temperature hits 30 degrees Celsius for the first time of the season in my town and during a few days. I could wear for the first time of the season a short and tee without to be cold. Seriously, I was so excited! It was nice to could wear short again. That gives me the want to do a post like this one. I do not do really some what I wear blog posts because I have not a lot of clothes as I’m minimalist. But I wanted to share like even what I have in my summer minimalism wardrobe. This summer season, I had to change a few tees because some were old and I did not love them anymore. Right! I wear casual and always some clothes I feel happy with and comfortable. I love little oversize clothes. So I wear S or M in tees depending on how the size it is, and XS or S in shorts. Let’s share my summer style faves.

Graphic Tee // Stripes short. I love graphic tees from JCREW. I have three of them! Two, I bought last summer and I wear them always and this season, I bought this on the photo. Last summer, I had two shorts and it was not enough so this summer, I decided to buy me two new shorts. In love with their graphic tees, I wanted to test the JCREW shorts. I found the stripes short in the sale department and when I saw it I flashed on it. Like each clothes that I buy! I decided to launch me. When I wore it, I loved it! Comfortable and pretty nice to wear!

White Tee // Chambray short. I love basic tees, I love white tees. Last year, I bought me one from Boden but it was the worst. He narrowed and so hard to fold. I watched during many weeks to find one who looks good. In the fall season, I bought me a long sleeves tee from Marc O Polo and loved it, so when I saw a white basic tee that I feel that I could love. I bought it! And I love it so much! A little oversize like I love! Light and comfortable, I absolutely love to wear it. The chambray short is from JCREW also like the stripes. This is the same in another color. Yes! When I wore the stripes short, he was so comfortable and I loved it so much. And like I love chambray short also and my chambray short from five years ago started to be ugly. So. I bought a new.

Mickey Tee // Cozy short. Mickey! Oh Mickey! Mickey’s face is my therapy! I already talked about this tee here. I searched a minimal tee related to Mickey. Because I’m just so much obsessed with Mickey! To wear during my trips at Disneyland this summer but also to wear in daily life. I wore this tee during my day trip last week. On the recap of my day that I posted yesterday here, you can see it on two photos. I love this tee that I bought on Etsy. This short is from Roxy. I bought it last year and it was my favorite of last summer and I think it could be my favorite of this summer again. This is a SO COZY short! I love it!

Flip flops // Sandals. I love shoes from TOMS! At the end of the last summer, I had to throw my flips flops that I had since three summers in the row because they were broken. It was heartbreaking for me because I loved them. Every month since a few time, I went on their website to see if some new flip flops are out. And it’s finally happened! A few weeks ago, they look a little different than the old but I love them also. The sandals are from UGG, I bought them two years ago, I love them! This year, I had in mind to buy some new. But NO! I have these ones, I love them, they are good again. I want to enjoy wearing them again.

Hat // Sunglasses. Last year, I bought my first hat. I loved to wear it outdoor during relaxing on the lounge chair. I’m not a hat lover but this year again, I’m excited to wear it during relaxing on the hot tub days. Sunglasses are some basic from Ray-Ban that I bought two years ago.


These are my favorites to wear during the summer season! I thought maybe to buy me a romper or a dress but I don’t know again. Right now! I feel very good with these clothes and it’s what I want to enjoy wearing this summer season. Maybe if I saw a romper that I love so much! But if not I don’t think! I will see…! Well! Next week, I’m going on a beach family vacation in the south of France and I’m excited to wear these favorite items at the beach. What is your favorite clothing item to wear in the summer season?


This post does not contain affiliate links, I wanted just share my favorites summer clothes in my minimal wardrobe!


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