Summer List {EDITION 2017}

I decided to do a Summer List of things that I would love to do.


Little Description and view:


1- Summer Food Photoshoot.

2- Stay in the backyard Late.

3- Eat Italian/Ice Cream.

4- Make Homemade Ice Cream.

5- Stay in Pjs one entire day.

6- Family Vacation.

7- Spa.

8- Publics Pools

9- Watch during a sleepless night (or more) few in the roll episodes of a Tv ShoW.

10- Watch Tv Shows.

11- Baking Summer things.

12- Ride Bike.

13- Read a book outside with the sun in the backyard.

14- Firework Photoshoot.

15- Learn more on United States Of America history.

In the list inclues things simple that I want to do generally but also things that I want to do but it will be hard for that that I push the sides of my anxiety.



This is a summer list’ s post.




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