Summer In The Mountains

I have in my heart mountains and trees covered by a beautiful white snow! Between each ski season, I disconnect from the mountains that I love so much in winter and who bring me some good on my mental health. Lately, I missed so much the ski because I wrapped early the ski season end of February, not because of the Coronavirus lockdown but because the ski resort near my house has dealt all winter with the lack of snow. Right! Lately, I missed so much the ski but I missed so much just the mountains also. From my house, I have a view of the mountains and each time that I looked at them since the lockdown, I wanted to go there even without snow.

Until mid-May, in France, we had unauthorization to go outside from the house in a radius of 10 km, if not we can to have a fine. The mountains are at 1 hour of drive. Right! It was too far. When we have started the phase 2 of reopening the country in beginning of June, we were authorized now to go whatever we want in France. Right! It’s at this moment and during the most time of June that the weather was bad and it was rainy most of the days. Finally on Sunday, we took a drive until the mountains and the ski resort who is also a bike park in the summer season. I walked on the ski slopes where I’m skiing in winter. Insert a tears face here. No, in real, it was so good to see again the place where I ski, since I miss a bit less the ski. It was a long time that I wanted to discover the mountains in green, just to see if I love them in green, if they can bring me some good for my mental health like in white AND maybe for not completely disconnect from the mountains between each ski season.

Right! I loved the mountains in green, it brings me a bit of good, it was good to see back the ski resort who is under some big construction for next ski season, walking and see the runs was good. And just be back in the mountains for the first time since four months was good. The result, I love mountains during the summer, the mountains in winter have more my heart and it’s more magic BUT the summer mountains has a bit of my heart also. I could love to go back again during the summer season.

This afternoon in the mountains on sunday was the first time that I go outside from the house more than 5 km since that I went back from my last trip at Disneyland Paris on March 9. Wahoo! It was crazy to go outside like that! I took this occasion to use for the first outside in the action my new camera, Canon M6 Mark II. Let’s share a few photos. Before going up in the mountains, we stopped by a lake on the road on the way of the mountains that I never take the time to stop in the ski season because I’m too much occupied by the ski and not the rest.

Do you love the mountains? What is your favorite season to explore them? Thanks for stopping by!




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