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I wanted to do this post for few reasons, one: the weather was not good with some cold days these last two weeks in my city so I wanted to do a post about summer clothing for thinking summer clothes same if I can not wear summer clothes, ok this day the weather start to be more beautiful, yes! Another reason for that I wanted to do this post is because I bought several items for summer that I love so much same if I do not started again really to wear them, I’m so excited to wear them!!!

I do not finished to buy all my summer clothes on my list but I already bought a big part, the rest I do not received again the packages or same not ordered because I do not again found the perfect item that I wanted.

One big thing to know about me: when I bought something it’s something that I wanted really, when I’m not sure of what I want I do not buy, if I bought something that I thinking loved and when I see it in real, I do not like it I send it back and ask a refund. I don’t like buy/keep something that I’m not sure, I want to have what I wanted at 100% because if after it’s not for wear them… I prefer buy also 4 t-shirts a little more expensive and of best quality but that I love and that I know that I could wear them and keep them few years rather to buy 8 t-shirts less expensive and that I could wear just 4 of them and keep them just one season in cause of the bad quality.

99% of my clothes, I buy them on internet.


This tee below is my heart stroke, I wanted this tee since last year, I wanted a tee like that with a beautiful USA flag since last year, this tee comes from Polo Ralph Lauren. The short is from Boden.


A bought two cargo shorts on boden and they look so comfortable. I did something of crazy I do not never buy flashy clothes because I do not like that but when I see this color on the boden website I told me that this one I wanted it. The beige short above I took 15 cm and the flashy I took 23 cm because I wanted a short more long. The shoes are from TOMS and they so comfortable, I can’t stop to wear them inside or outside.



This “Venice Beach” tee comes from J CREW and I love it I already wore it few times and I’m so comfortable inside, I love the color and the message on. The short is from Superdry, I just love this stripes short.


I wanted absolutely a stripes tee, I have a stripes obsession, I found perfect this Polo Ralph Lauren tee.


This stripes beach dress comes from Boden. Looks so perfect light on a swimsuit at the beach or pool.


I found my 4th July tee. I just love it. I bought it on Etsy.

4th July TEE//SHORT.

When I saw this swim suit on the Boden website, I loved so I bought it because I needed on a second swim suit this year. This is my first time that I bought a swim suit at Boden, I do not wear him again for go in the water but he looks comfortable.


Last winter, I have spotted that I wanted a Nike Band for my Apple Watch for this summer. I bought the barely rose/pearly pink and I love it. It’s a little change this Nike band compared at my two first bands but it’s just what I wanted for summer and hot days. This summer I will mix my summer days with this new and my old white bands.



I feel very excited to wear all my new summer clothes.

See you tomorrow.


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