Summer Bucket List 2019

Hi! You probably know that I love to do lists! I have done recently a bucket list before I’m 30. A big, crazy bucket list! Right! I love to do seasonal bucket lists. Right now, I think it’s time to switching from my spring bucket list to my summer bucket list. Summer is not my favorite season, winter it is. But summer is the season that I’m the more excited to do a bucket list. To be honest, I love a little bit summer, I love to do some special things during the summer season. If during the depressing days it’s hard, I really try hard to enjoy the outdoor times. I work, eat and just spend time outside on sunny days. I love to do different outdoor activities! And try new adventures! It’s a special summer because it’s the first summer in the new house. Create a bucket list permits me to have goals and help me to move out of my bed on bad days. Talking about goals, during summer months, I will stop to do my monthly goals, I want to do a little break and with this bucket list, I have what I want to do during the summer. Right! I think, I’m ready! This is my summer bucket list!

What is on your summer bucket list! I would love to hear your ideas and plans!



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