Summer Bucket List {Edition 2018}

It’s the end of May.

I think it’s time to do my summer bucket list 2018. Last year I already did a summer bucket list while it was the first time in my life that I did a summer bucket list or simply a bucket list and take the time to write her, you can found my last year summer bucket list HERE, last year I managed to do all everything that was on my list except two things.

Let’s time to see for this year list, ok, on I put some things that I already did last year and that I wanted to do again or some news and I’m excited to do them.

• Basel 31st July Firework photoshoot. (firework of Switzerland independence day)

• Hot tub.

• Make/Eat Ice Cream.

• 4th July.

• Nice terror attack second anniversary. (I just want think and to have my heart for Nice)

• Watch tv shows marathons.

• Walk/ride outside.

• Water Things. (All things about water, pool, beach, play with water,…)

• Drone. (Take photos, videos and work with my drone)

• Stay outside late.

• Visit Parks.

• Beach day/night photoshoot.

• Mini Golf. (Absolute new thing ever, never I did golf, I want try)


This is my summer bucket list 2018, I written it on a note pad paper and also in my iPhone inside the evernote app like that I can to have my list everywhere with me and if I want add exceptional something later on my list, it’s more easy in evernote but I wanted write her on my Erin Condren notepad also.

Are you already did your summer bucket list? What is on it? Have you any ideas of good things that you love to do in summer? Let’s know it in comment below.


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  1. The handwriting is endearing in the photo. I sprained my hand pretty badly a while back and couldn’t write from that hand. ended up writing with my other hand, haha the writing look very similar to that only. Cool bucket list. I’m currently looking to get over my fear of chickens. Hasn’t been going as well as i’d have liked it too haha

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