Summer 2021 at Disneyland Paris

It’s hard to tell if summer is officially finished to Disneyland Paris. For many reasons, one because Halloween season starts only on October 1, in the parks. Another one, how tell that summer is finished when we don’t have had of summer weathers all summer, except a few days where we got heat waves days, in France the summer was rainy and cold.

Right, with these cold weathers and back to school officially on September 2, so summer holidays finished. I wanted to wrap this summer season on my August trip. I wanted to write in one post, a review of this summer 2021 at Disneyland Paris. I feel always in a low, depression and emotional breakdown, right now. Right! Doing this review is a journal exercise to look back since the beginning of this season and what has really was done. Because I feel as nothing has been done!

First, let’s take a look on what happened this summer season at Disneyland Paris.

And it’s starts with the BIGGEST one. The reopening of the parks after eight months of closure. After a first closure from March 16, to July 15, 2020, Disneyland Paris has reclosed on October 29, 2020 to June 17, 2021. The emotional rollercoaster to get to this date was crazy, with three times the reopening date has been delayed. And the french government who placed the theme parks in the wrong category for the reopening plan of the country after the lockdowns. It’s finally on May 20, that we get the official reopening date of June 17. We had two annual pass soft opening days on June 15-16 also. I have managed to get there for these reopening moments, last summer I was only on an annual pass soft opening day, not on the reopening day. And be on the reopening moment on the morning of June 17, on Main Street USA was a very special and emotional moment. It was just my first happy moment of the year.

A few days after the reopening, on June 21, the new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art Of Marvel, the first Marvel hotel in the world, has done his grand opening. This hotel was supposed to open in June 2020. But it’s finally one year later that it opened. This hotel is amazing, I took a walk in the lobby and shop of the hotel on the day of the grand opening, and later in July, I went take a drink in the Skyline Bar who has a New York view and this is so beautiful.

On July 1, a new show and the first one since the reopening has debuted in the Walt Disney Studios Park. This is a show who talks about the importance to dream and believe in his dreams. It’s a perfect themed show related after the last one and a half year and all the psychological impact of the different lockdowns. This is the first time that I took steps in a theater since March 2020 for this show. And it was amazing! I watched the show many times on my July and August trips. The tears that I got at each time, I always want to cry during the show to see a show back for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic at Disneyland Paris. But the most amazing tears was when I placed my first steps in the theater and I hear the show announcements. It was incredible, I never cried so much for a positive feeling that I felt in my body since the beginning of this pandemic. Related to Covid measures around the show. It was really good organized to maintain the more possible social distance in the theater and even during entry or exit the theater, these special moments who usually make a lot of crowds, the entry and exit are made gradually. Also, of course like everywhere at Disneyland Paris outdoor or indoor, the mask is mandatory in the theater. I have no words! It was amazing!

An important point of this summer at Disneyland Paris has been the starts of the health pass. The french government has launched the health pass during the summer, you need it to go at some theme parks, but also museums and even restaurants. When they announced this new measure, I was happy about it and anxious at the same time. At this moment, Disneyland Paris was reopened since around one month, the attendance started to be good. Because last summer at the reopening, the attendance was really not good. Right! I was happy that the health pass it can makes me feel more in security Covid related, but I was anxious about what impact it could have on the attendance of the park who started to be really good. Peoples from outside of France started to be back. But now, one and a half month after, it doesn’t have had any bad impact on the attendance, because peoples was here, even more than ever in August, the park was almost every day to the current limited capacity, and I suspect even that the park has already increased capacity without tell it, like written in my August trip diary. The health pass has started to be in place on July 21, in Disneyland Paris theme parks, and Disney hotel’s pools. When it has been extended in France, since August 9, the health pass is asked for the theme parks, Disney Village and all Disney’s hotels services not only pool, at your arrival in a Disney hotel, you got a bracelet, different of colors each day, to access to the hotel services without show your health pass at each service. The organization about the health pass at Disneyland Paris is pretty amazing! They are doing an awesome job! Despite of the fact that the french government don’t let them a lot of time to apply it.

An of the most amazing thing to rediscover the park at the reopening has been to discover the tarp on the Castle. The Castle refurbishment has started in January 2021 during the closure and apparently is supposed to finish before the end of the year. I thought that it’s could be sad with the tarp and without the Castle. But in reality, this is pretty impressive and amazing! The works done with the tarp to make the Castle illusion is amazing and currently I love watching this tarp.

The favorite attraction to do this summer was probably Buzz LightYear Laser Blast. This attraction has been in refurbishment since January 2020 and the reopened was first supposed in August 2020 but it has been often delayed with the closures. It’s has officially reopened in the same time that the resort, and it was amazing find it back. A new attraction who has opened in the same time that the resort also, it’s the brand the new Cars: Road Trip attraction in the Walt Disney Studios park. I love it!

Talking always about the Walt Disney Studios park, the advancement about the Avenger Campus looks pretty amazing. We have no official date of the opening, but it’s probably around mid-year next year. But when you are in the Studios you see these new buildings taking shapes despite the fences who hidden them. It’s really amazing to see them evolving! I love look on this evolving future of the park. The Walt Disney Studios park has big expansion planned in the next years and if it’s took some delay because of the Covid. It’s amazing to see all this park evolving and be improved. On August 27, they have even re-branded an all space in the park, now named World Of Pixar who include all the Pixar attractions like Crush, Ratatouille, Cars: Road Trip and more.

Early July, Disneyland Paris has announced the dates of the Halloween and Christmas seasons this year. Of course, it’s a big thing, and I was not able to breathe when I saw that, I was not excepted this amazing thing. Have the Halloween and Christmas seasons dates is already a big thing because when you know that last year Halloween season took end before the official date and Christmas season was canceled at the last minute. I don’t excepted that! Now, my anxiety since that they have announced these dates, is the park could always be opens or doing like last year?! Really hoping that the health pass now keep the parks open. But this anxiety that I have daily and that I could to have probably until the last day of the Christmas season and depending of the Covid evolving situation. Whatever, they don’t have announced the details of the Halloween and Christmas seasons yet. They have announced another big thing, the Halloween night soiree and New Year Eve soiree are back this year. Right! It’s an emotional overwhelming rollercoaster all that!

Right! I wanted to talk about another important point. We always don’t have had of big entertainments because of Covid safety measures at the parks this summer. But compared to last summer reopening, the entertainment was SO MUCH better. Last year, we got almost nothing except a mini-parade twice in the afternoon and without communicated hours to do not form crowds. But this year, we got so much more, there is different floats and mini-parades during the afternoon. It’s always without official hours but there is something who ride the parade route around every 30 minutes and it’s such amazing. We got even mini-parades and entertainments in the Walt Disney Studios park. Early this year during the closure, the Vice-President entertainment has changed at Disneyland Paris. And I absolutely love all the works who have done for this reopening despite always the social distances. It’s such amazing! We got always Good Morning and Good Night waves from Characters from Main Street station and the music used for the reopening is amazing. All the Characters out in the parks on their selfie-spots is so beautiful. I miss shows and parades but with the current safety measures, it was such an amazing thing side entertainments. And the emotional moment when they took out for the first time in one and a half year the Frozen 2 float on the parade route for the Ultimate Princess Week at the end of August was amazing. Wahoo!

Right! I take a few minutes to stop and to read what I write since the beginning of the post. I don’t excepted as much! That’s crazy! I think as nothing happens probably because of my current mental breakdown, memory troubles, shame and the fact that I feel stuck in my healing. But in reality, a lot of things happened this summer at Disneyland Paris. Most of the times good, a few dramas also. But most of the things good! And I worked with success on many healing goals.

+I tried new things never done before on each of my trip.

+I fight regularly in the parks my social anxiety and shame feelings.

+I tried to continue, even if I currently feel like nothing worth it.

+I went back outdoor with a lot of peoples despite the Covid situation and anxiety about it.

+I worked to be more fully present with mindfulness in the moment during some activities in the parks.

+I included morning meditation session practice on my trips.

+I have managed to organize myself to sleep one night in Disney hotel.

+I have stayed one full week in solo at Disneyland Paris.

+I’m pretty proud of how I managed the Castle refurbishment mentally also.

Right! And I ask me why I’m so tired emotional, because I continued to work and make some goals despite that I’m in a mental breakdown since December 2020. Right! It’s overwhelming! What an incredible summer at Disneyland Paris! Thanks for stopping by!



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