Summer 2019 Recap

The weather started to be cooler a few days with around 25 degrees Celcius and I started to work on a few projects so I think it’s time to do a summer recap. I know official summer is until the end of September but after the end of August in France it’s not summer weather and official back to school in France starts in the beginning of September. September could be a special month, I will talking about next week. Stay tuned! I wanted to do my summer recap before my next adventures.

This summer was particularly hard! If you read my blog since awhile, you know now that I don’t love summer and my favorite season is winter. I talked in many posts over the summer that I felt bad! We had two crazy heatwaves in the summer with more than 40 degrees Celcius during seven days in the row each time and it was really hard, I do not support the heat. My mental health is bad, I have more flashbacks, anxiety and all. Over the summer, I tried to change my winter cozy nighttime routine and I realized that it was not good. I wanted to take advantage of the longer summer days to stay outside, doing outdoor things. But it was not good.

I had a few good things but my summer was really tough! I just sit down and go back in memories until the beginning of the summer during doing this post and I realized that it’s not for one reason but for a multitude of reasons that my summer has been tough! A multitude of reasons, not necessarily visible when I think in first time. This is the first summer in the new house and under renovations on a lot of things, I was not able to do a few things that I wanted like find a cozy corner in the garden (he is completely under renovation), eat breakfast outside. Every year since a few years, on 31st July for Switzerland Independence Day, I’m going to watch the beautiful Basel firework show and I take it in photos but I was too sick and it was not able to go. I’m a bit sad! But I was really too sick with a sore throat and a big cold. I felt like if I had once again the flu. In July, my grandma is passed away also and it’s pretty tough. This is the first time that I’m facing this situation and it’s really hard. I haven’t sleep before 3 am during three weeks because at night when I closed my eyes I saw my grandma in front of me. The reasons of her passing away are hard also, I talked about here. More than one month later, I start to feel me a bit better but the healing is again long.

Ok! I can’t finish this post only on this because even if my summer was pretty hard, I had some good times and some favorite things. I’m sharing my top eight of the summer! I wanted to do a top ten but I haven’t found ten things!

1. La fete de la Musique to Nice. Best.Of.The.Summer! It’s my very favorite during my trip on the French Riviera in June, we spent one night in my favorite city, Nice to attend La fête de la Musique who was broadcasted in live on the french tv. Right! You can discover more in my second recap post of my trip here.

2. Trip on the French Riviera. It was a week with beach, palms, soft ice creams, wake up at 4h00am to watching sunrises and watching sunsets. Every little thing of a beach vacation. Recap of my trip with part one, part two, part three.

3. Disneyland Paris trips. I spent two day trip to Disneyland Paris over the summer. One on 4th June and the second on 23rd July. I discovered Disneyland under the summer weather and the heatwave because on the second trip, we were in the second heatwave in France and it was around 42 degrees Celcius. It was some good days but I felt less the magic. Now that I have almost done all the season to Disneyland ( I miss fall season), I was thinking that the magic is more powerful on a cold day that a hot summer day. I’m happy to have discovered during the summer also but once again it’s not my favorite, I rather love in winter or even with temperature under 30 degrees Celcius.

4. Water park days. I spent two separate days (one in July & one in August) in a water park in Germany. To one hour drive from home, I loved these times. Water slides, waves pool, hot tub and co, the second day I spent it alone with my sister and it was again better. We extremely rarely spent time together since my childhood and have no relationship (and she is ten years older than me) but these last months it looks better. I was equally watching The Lion King movie in the theatre with my sister this summer and even if I did not loved the movie, the time with my sister was good. I have done a few things with my sister this summer including this water park day and it’s really awesome!

5. Read Harry Potter books. I read two Harry Potter books during the summer. The 5th & 6th. I just started the last book. I love my time reading Harry Potter at night generally, I tried to read cozy on the terrace outside. And it’s maybe the only change of my nighttime routine that I supported. The books were particularly emotional and again because the 6th the dead is talked but I love this time.

6. Take photos with summer weather. I really miss mountains and trees covered by snow but taking more summer weather was good, palms, beach, I took out my GoPro under the water also.

7. Ride my bike. To be honest, over these last weeks I haven’t ride my bike. But in the beginning of the summer, I went about three times a week riding my bike around my new neighborhood that I love particularly. I think it’s since the last heatwave at the end of July that since I have maybe ridden my bike only once. This hot weather exhaust me!

8. Sunny time under the tree. The backyard and gardens are completely under renovations and we have no space outside but next to an outdoor stair we have a tree. I love spending time on this stair, it’s on the sun a big part of the day but the tree gives shadows on it so it’s not too hot. I’m doing a lot of thing on this stair including eating meals.

Well! That wraps the recap of this summer! What season do you love more “summer or winter”? Hot days increase your anxiety also? Thanks for reading!


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